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Round 1 to Romney


Mitt Romney was the clear winner after the first presidential debate between himself and Obama.

From the start, Romney looked very comfortable, composed, and presidential.  Romney came out swinging for the first 30 minutes, taking control right away.   For every one jab Obama took at him, Romney came back with three solid factual retorts.  Obama tended to hang his head and smirk - and appeared to be simply enduring the debate.  Contrast that with Romney, who seemed happy to be there.  What was surprising about "The One" were his teleprompter-less use of slang:  "jerk around" and "kids?"  What?  Presidential?  No.  When Obama is left to his own devices, without the words in front of him to read, he stumbles.  At times, Obama's responses wandered off and he appeared to be losing his train of thought.  Obama even ended up being allowed to "present his case" four minutes longer than Romney.  Guess in this debate it wasn't quantity, it was quality, since Obama clearly was the loser.  He did not have the media to run interference nor did he have his beloved teleprompter to recite off of... Romney stayed focused, didn't go off on tangents, and slammed home factual points about his own plans if elected AND calmly criticized (with facts) the past four dismal years of Obama.

What I found amusing was Obama's insistence that "Romney isn't telling us his plan."  This isn't quite true, as both Romney and Ryan have indeed presented plans for an American recovery to the people -  the mainstream media just doesn't tend to bother to report such.  As for not "telling us his plan,"  look in the mirror, Mr. Obama.  Who kept his ultra-liberal/socialist plans under wraps until elected?  Oh, sure, Barry slipped up once on the campaign trail with his "Joe the Plumber" moment - admitting he wanted to "spread the wealth."  But for the most part, Obama was allowed a free pass regarding his questionable associations with known terrorists and socialists, as well as what his true plans were to "re-build" America.   And I laughed out loud when Obama claimed his number one responsibility is to keep the country safe as "Commander-In-Chief."  Tell that to murdered American Ambassador Chris Stevens - who pleaded with those in power (Obama & Co.)  to beef up security in the embassy he was stationed (to no avail).   Romney could have really had a field day with Obama's response - look at the Middle East right now.  Riots and terrorist attacks.  Iran getting closer to a nuclear bomb - and continually threatening Israel.  Israel being left out in the cold by Obama & Co.

Romney got it right on jobs, the economy, and the military.  Romney scored big points by turning around and pointing to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence (displayed behind the debater's  podiums)- saying he truly believes in what they stand for.  He considers it to be the job of the President to support and uphold these documents which are the very foundation of the country.  (Quite a contrast to the beliefs of Obama.)

What is very encouraging about the first debate is that fifty million people tuned in.  I'd venture to say that many "undecided" voters were among them.  Without the mainstream media filter to twist, spin, distort, and lie about Mitt Romney,  (and continue to promote their pro-Obama agenda) many of the "undecideds" got a chance to see and hear the real Mitt Romney - the one most of us already know and want to vote for.  Also, because fifty million viewers saw the debate, the media cannot declare Obama the winner - too many people know they would be lying.  So surprise of all surprises, the media begrudgingly gives this one to Romney!

Way to go Mitt!  Job well done...

On to Ryan vs. Biden... while they have many differences, at least both men agree that under Obama "the middle class has been buried..."   Biden, like his boss, doesn't stand a chance.

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