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The "new" flag...

Guess Old Glory just doesn't cut it anymore with Obama & Co.  Nope, now we've got a redesigned American flag - for sale by the DNC and the  No, this is not a joke.  See:

Also go to:  for more information.

In addition, another altered flag has been flying in some parts of the country.  The stars and stripes - minus the stars, but replaced with an Obama photo.  Seems a few American military vets were a bit upset over this flag desecration...  See: 

Just as Obama & Co. created an "Office of the President-Elect", now it looks like the country has a new flag, too!

Yet more examples of an abomination by Obamanation.  Although, since it is Obama's  goal is to tear down America and "re-build it," these new flags shouldn't surprise anyone...  What's sad is the realization that Obama probably would really be offended if these new flags were burned or torn apart in protest.  He sure doesn't seem to care too much when Old Glory gets ripped to shreds and torched by radical Islamists... 

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