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Can you say "President Romney?"

Not only will Mitt Romney win come November, I predict he will win by at least 5 percentage points (if not more) over Barack Hussein Obama.


The polls being conducted these days are over-sampling Democrats, and are over-sampling Democrats ala 2008, for one.    Political pundit Dick Morris has stated that if the polls were honest,  Romney has an actual nationwide lead over Obama.  And in several never-mentioned polls, Romney is leading - with middle class families and independents.  Yet, the press just doesn't feel a need to mention those...wonder why...

Secondly, anyone with a brain, common sense,  and a strong sense of patriotism has no interest in voting for Barack Obama.  He's had his four years.  So much for "hope" and "change."   Unemployment is up - over 8% - and has been ever since Obama has been president.  National safety and security are down.  Illegals continue to flow into the country.  There is yet another deep dive into a recession looming on the horizon.  The world is ignoring the United States - no one cares what we think or what we say we will do  (just look at the Middle East).  We've become weak - with the "Apologizer-In-Chief" leading the way.   The national debt is up by trillions with no spending cuts in sight.  There is absolutely no sense of fiscal responsibility or a willingness to address financial problems from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Obamacare is a fiscal disaster waiting to happen - with less  health care with more cost.  The nation is more divided than ever before - with rich being pitted against poor, blacks vs. whites, Democrats vs. Republicans, etc. (so much for being "the great uniter" - Barry!).  The United States has become irrelevant to the rest of the globe.   And what is Obama focused on?  besides getting re-elected?  or appearing on David Letterman?  or partying with Jay Z. and Beyonce? or agreeing with Queen Michelle dictating what kids will eat for lunch in public schools?  or apologizing to terrorists? or blaming Bush for his own miserable failings?   It's hard to say...Obama's  probably golfing or fist bumping the "pimp with a limp" ...  (after all, he's just so darn cool!).

Third, even with the "cheat factor" in place for the Democrats when it comes to voting, enough honest Republican and conservative voters are motivated to turn out to cancel the "cheat factor" and push Romney over the edge.  The Republicans/conservatives have momentum.    No matter how the Obama White House tries to strike down Voter ID in various states, enough citizens will turn out to vote for Romney/Ryan.  Just as the good folks in Wisconsin demonstrated they were sick of the leftie politics taking over - and yet again voted Governor Scott Walker as the governor (twice now), so will the good folks of Wisconsin turn the state red from blue.  Tammy Baldwin is toast, as is Obama.

So do not despair, Romney supporters!  It is far from "doom and gloom."  Rather, I would say that Team Obama is shaking in their boots.  They know that the polls do not reflect the true sentiment of the country.  They know that their lies and Romney-bashing is weak and falling on deaf ears.  Numbers are being inflated for Obama campaign stops (witness Milwaukee - reporters told us of the "thousands" who turned out, yet didn't mention the empty seats at the Summerfest grounds...),  Keep up the good fight, support Romney and Ryan  and we WILL take back our country! 

America will not fall to the socialists on our watch!

Romney/Ryan 2102!!!

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