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Recalls, Voter ID, more recalls, and now ACT 10...

Yet another activist, liberal judge in The People's Republic of Madison has seen fit to strike down legislation passed and championed by the majority of Wisconsinites - ACT 10.   ACT 10 was correctly described by Republican State Senator Alberta Darling as follows:   “Act 10 is a way to uphold the tax payers best interest and to have local government and municipalities and state legislators have the power to decide what is naturally feasible for the state and local municipalities when it comes to services of public employees as well as the federal level and local level. It’s very important for the state to control this cost."

The recent ruling against ACT 10 should come as no surprise, because since day one of Scott Walker's (original) election, the left has been unable to accept the fact that Walker and the Republicans have enacted legislation that most Wisconsinites have demanded for years.    

From the never-ending recalls, Voter ID, and now ACT 10, Walker, the Republicans, and the majority of people in the state have to remain patient.  Eventually Voter ID will be back in place.  The same will happen with ACT 10.  I predict the activist judge's ruling on ACT 10 will be stayed, until it is appealed and becomes the law of the state once again.

Just as Walker got elected governor, then had to get elected governor once again, we will have to go to round two of getting passed legislation re-instated. 

It is just a matter of time. 

As for those folks who gleefully told the rest of the country that "elections have consequences" when Barack Hussein Obama won the presidency,  how about accepting and living by your own words for just once?

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