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Four more years?

The real question is, will Obama blame himself for the past four years? 

Thankfully the country won't have to worry about it, since Mitt Romney will be the next president!  Think Romney will stoop as low as Barry has during his entire time in office to blame his predecessor?  Why, Romney sure would have enough ammunition in that regard.  Obama has done so much damage to the United States that it will really take some heavy lifting to get the country back on track:

-   The economy stinks.  Many private businesses are afraid to hire or spend money to expand due to the pro- big government, anti-business Barack "you didn't build that" Obama  who currently occupies the White House.

-  Nationwide unemployment is still above 8% and shows no sign of improving.

- The Middle East and the United States foreign policy is a dangerous disaster.  U.S. Embassies are under attack AND a U.S. Ambassador has been murdered, along with several others.  This is basically an act of war, and Obama has done nothing (except apologize - to those committing the violence against the United States).

-   Israel needs to be reassured that the intentional disrespect and snubs from Obama are not representative of the United States as a whole.  Israel is sounding a loud and clear warning about the dangers from Iran and whether or not this could be the start of a major war.     (Obama, given the opportunity to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, refused such a meeting, opting instead to go on David Letterman and appear at a campaign fundraiser hosted by Jay Z. and Beyonce...)

-  The Iran nuclear situation cannot continue to be ignored. 

- The illegal alien situation and protection of the borders seems to be of no concern

- Obamatax has basically shut down businesses and has most people nervous and angry.

-  Stimulus 3 to the tune of $40 billion dollars per month is now the norm (with no deadline - meaning money is basically being printed and is devaluing the dollar even more).

- The United States standing as a superpower is questionable and the U.S.  has become a joke to many of its enemies.

-  Oil field around the nation need to be approved for drilling.

- Obamatax needs to be dismantled. 

Wow,  Romney has a lot on his plate come January 2013!!!

Somehow, I don't think President Romney will behave like a child and play the blame game like Obama has - for his entire and (thankfully)  brief four years in office. 

(Thanks to for allowing me to use this photo in my post!)

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