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Oh the irony of it all...

Democratpalooza is now taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

The circus IS in town!!! 

And guess what?  The Dems are having a hard time filling the 74,000 seats in the  Bank of America football stadium in which Obama is scheduled to speak.   The Dems have resorted to giving away free tickets to the event to college students and other pro-Obama volunteer groups (and busing them in).   (See:

So Barry O. is having a hard time attracting crowds to hear "Hope and Change Part 2."  Go figure.

Now comes the truly ironic part.  What is necessary in order to attend the Democratic National Convention is....A PHOTO ID. 

Imagine - the very people who claim that the poor and minorities are "disenfranchised" by having to provide a photo ID to vote REQUIRE a photo ID to attend their Convention!!!  

Does that mean that the Dems don't want poor and/or minorities (aka: most of  the Democrats own voter base) at their convention?  After all, the Democrats seem to believe that the poor and minorities are too stupid and/or helpless to get a photo ID in order to vote, so what makes them think they'll have a photo ID on hand to attend Obama's "blame Bush and attack Romney" party?    


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