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In honor of the GOP Convention, a kind, compassionate tweet from liberal Hollywood actress, Ellen Barkin...

Oh, those self-proclaimed open-minded, caring, compassionate liberals!  Ya gotta love 'em.  Just as President Obama called for a "new civility" after the Arizona shootings, then turned around and proceeded with an in the gutter sleaze campaign against Mitt Romney, seems that Ms. Barkin didn't get the memo on civility, either. 

Does anyone out there think for a minute if any Republican Hollywood actor/actress (I know, they are a scarce breed in tinseltown)  had uttered such words aimed at the Democratic National Convention that this wouldn't be a full-blown news story 24/7 for days on end? The liberal media would be besides themselves to destroy whomever would have had the nerve to tweet such reprehensible views. 

Just sayin'

Hypocrisy is alive and well -  in the Democratic party.

On a happier note, looks like a great GOP Convention!  The state of Wisconsin is represented well - with Reince Priebus, Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, Sean Duffy, and of course -  our own Paul Ryan making Wisconsin proud!  Our state is a leader in setting the tone for the future political landscape in the United States.   Looking  good!!!

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