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A Ryan/Romney Homecoming - Waukesha Expo 8/12/12

As many know, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced over the weekend that he had chosen Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.  Republicans and conservatives like myself couldn't be happier!  What an excellent choice.

Ryan brings so much to the ticket - with sound solutions and actual plans to solve the many challenges facing the country.  Ryan is well-spoken, smart, and has the ability to hold his own against both Obama, Biden, other Democrats, and the media.  The Democratic attack and distort machine will be in full swing.  (Romney even made a plea during the rally in Waukesha to Obama:   “This is a campaign about America’s future. So Mr. President, time to take your campaign out of the gutter and let’s talk about the real issues that people are facing.” How true. ) Romney and Ryan are well-prepared.  All they have to do is put the focus on the issues and ideological differences between Romney and Obama.  All they have to do is point to the failures and ineptitude of a president who has demonstrated over and over that he doesn't want America to be exceptional.    With the selection of Ryan, Obama's anti-American policies are finally going to be forced out in the open.  Obama won't be able to hide behind simply attacking Romney and avoiding discussions of any substance.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 13,000-plus in attendance at the Romney/Ryan Homecoming at the Waukesha Expo on August 12, 2012.  This event - planned in a few hours - was unbelievable. (As was the traffic jam! - but no one really seemed to mind!)   What an impressive gathering - huge crowds, lots of cheering, clapping, enthusiasm, and optimism all around.  People ARE pumped!  This is history in the making.  Americans are gearing up to take their country back!  

All I can say is WOW!!!

Here are some pics I took during the event:

So many people showed to support Romney and Ryan that the event had to be moved outdoors to accommodate the huge crowds...

The next President of the United States - Mitt Romney!!!

And Wisconsin's own - the future Vice-President - Paul Ryan!

My favorite candidate for the United States senate - Jeff Fitzgerald posing with one of his many supporters...

What an event to remember!  Let's keep the momentum going.  Be sure to vote on August 14th in the primary election.  Let's focus on making Wisconsin a red state and help elect Romney and Ryan in to the White House come November! This election is so important, with the very future of America at stake.

“We are not going to change America into something we don’t recognize. We are going to restore it to what made us the shining city on the hill."  - Mitt Romney (8/12/12)

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