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Tommy vs. Tammy

Come Tuesday, August 14th, Wisconsinites will be voting for a Republican candidate to win the U.S. Senate seat of outgoing (finally)  Herbie "do nothing" Kohl.   Any of the four - Tommy Thompson, Eric Hovde, Mark Neuman, or Jeff Fitzgerald are much better choices than the Democratic alternative - ultra-leftie Tammy Baldwin. 


My personal favorite of the Republican candidates is Jeff Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald did the heavy lifting in Madison and stood with Governor Walker to enact bold and necessary reforms and legislation.  Fitzgerald has proven himself time and time again.  He is risking a lot by stepping down from his position as State Assembly Speaker and doesn't have a job to return to if he loses the U.S. Senate campaign. Fitzgerald has also stayed out of the negative ads battle, deciding to sit back rather than bash his fellow challengers.  Unfortunately, Fitzgerald has been behind in getting his message out and voters don't appear as familiar with him as they do with the other three candidates.  His chances of winning on Tuesday appear slim.

Mark Neumann and Eric Hovde are also well-qualified candidates -  both running successful businesses, creating jobs for many, speaking out against Obamacare, big government, and reckless spending.   Both are fiscal conservatives with actual plans on addressing unemployment, the budget deficit, and debt crisis the nation finds itself in under Obama. 

Tommy Thompson has the name-recognition, years of experience in various aspects of government, and a well-earned reputation as a former Governor of Wisconsin.  Thompson's bold W2 reforms have recently been shot down by Obama (no need to work anymore to receive a government check - once again Barry is just trolling for votes...with no respect for the taxpaying public).  Thompson was also a leader on school choice.   Thompson's years of working in Washington D.C in the Bush Administration as the Secretary of Health and Human Services have prepared him for knowing how to get things done in Washington D.C.

However, what it all boils down to is:  who can beat Baldwin? 

Millions of dollars from every left-wing and fringe group are pouring in to Ms. Baldwin's coffers.  It's a given that she will have the majority of votes from The People's Republic of Madison and the pro-entitlement crowd and lefties in Milwaukee (similar to Tom "three time loser" Barrett).   Across the state, though, it will be a different story. 

I believe that ANY of the four Republican candidates can and should beat Baldwin come November.  All the Republican candidates have to do is point to Baldwin's socialist pro-Obama voting record.  She is one of the most liberal politicians (even more so than Russ Finkgold) to go to Washington D.C.    Right now, people are really concerned about the economy, jobs, and direction the country is headed.  Most are not too happy and downright upset with the way things are going.  The current President seems oblivious to the difficult realities many people are facing - and Obama and his fellow Democrats/socialists have offered no plan (other than the usual -  raising taxes) to solve the nation's ills.  Obama is doing all he can to destroy America and rebuild it as he sees fit.  The majority of us are hoping that Obamacare - a socialist power grab -  is repealed.  We need new leadership before it is too late.  The country IS at a tipping point.  

Do we want a "pro-entitlement, bigger government" mentality to win out come November?

Most of us say "NO."  And with that,  I say that ANY of the four Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate seat will help us achieve our goal of making the United States the greatest nation on earth.   Tammy Baldwin, along with President Kardashian, must be sent packing.  This is one of the most important -  if not THE most important - elections in our nations history.  Do we want socialism (ala Obama)  or freedom (ala Romney)  to win? 

When all is said and done, it is my strong belief  that former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson will emerge victorious after the primaries - and he will go on to become the next United States Senator from Wisconsin, serving with President Mitt Romney!!!

(Just learned that  presidential hopeful Republican Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan as his VP!  EXCELLENT choice!)

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