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The Beggar-In-Chief

The following video has the potential to be a skit on Saturday Night Live:

After asking future brides and grooms to request that their guests donate to the "re-elect Barry" campaign in lieu of wedding gifts, and then having Michelle Obama solicite donations when sending in birthday wishes to the prez, the American people are now being treated to a pathetic beg-for-money video?

Barack Obama has disgraced the office of the President in more ways than one, and this plea adds to the list. 

(And funny how the left implies Romney is a wimp, but Obama admits he has to clear his own donation to himself with Michelle?)

As for being so "grassroots" and having to depend upon those small contributions (unlike the Republican candidate for president), what does Obama call his $40,000-a-plate Hollywood fundraisers?  or the $38,500.00 per couple upcoming Barry O. birthday bash?   Chump change?

What a hoot.  And what a clear-cut example of desperation.  Maybe - just maybe - the Obama campaign is beginning to realize that President Kardashian's (oops!), President Obama's  chances for re-election are slipping away...  

Personally, I don't believe an un-presidential commercial showing the prez typing in his own contribution to his own re-election campaign is going to help.  If anything, it will turn even more people off - as it should.


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