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Is the Racine recall election mess a "trial run" for November?

In a major story ignored for the most part by major news outlets in Wisconsin, the Racine recall race between Republican Van Wanggaard and Democrat Jim Lehman for the 21st district state senate seat on June 5th was a complete fiasco. 

On purpose.

What happened in the Racine area was simply organized chaos by the left to win an election.  It appears that the left-leaning Government Accountability Board is simply going to ignore the rules that were violated in Racine and other fraudulent, questionable activities and occurrences on recall election day.

Where to start?

1)  Missing pages of poll books, in which voters (same day registrants) were supposed to sign their names

2)  Voters providing mailers listing "occupant" as proof of residency - and such "proof" being accepted by poll workers in spite of challenges by poll watchers

3)  Busses, vans, and cars coming up from Illinois being parked around polling stations

4)  Unsealed, then re-sealed, and re-opened ballot bags

5)  Wrong and unverifiable addresses of voters

6)  Wrong voter numbers

7)  Electors failing to sign poll books as REQUIRED BY LAW

From "Sheriff's Department launches probe into alleged voting irregularities" (Caldonia Patch/June 20, 2012)

  • A polling inspector refused to uphold the challenge of a poll watcher, who saw that a voter had showed improper documentation to a poll worker at Bryant Park in Racine. The voter had submitted a handwritten rental receipt as proof of residency.
  • A poll worker at the Jefferson Lighthouse was seen canvassing while she was supposed to be working. The woman claimed she was asked to let voters know that they shouldn't park near the student play area, but poll watchers followed the woman outside and noticed she was going door to door.
  • A poll worker provided assistance to voters and did not document it.
  • In at least one polling site, poll workers were supposed to have a witness oversee the transfer of copy of absentee ballots onto real ballots that could go through the machine, but they only had one person doing the work Caesar Chavez Center in Racine.

What happened in Racine and the surrounding wards is shameful.  A blatant attack on the legitimacy of the voting process.  It sure looks like Republican Van Wanggaard was "Frankened" by the left - losing due to the "cheat factor,"  with help from the GAB.  Did the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel or any of the larger news outlets in the state cover this with any real digging to get to the bottom of what happened in Racine?  No.  To the liberal media, this was a non-story because their guy won.  And that is all that matters.  So they will look the other way.

We must not.

This must serve as yet another lesson for all who care about honest elections.  November is just a few months away.  The race for the presidency is paramount and is shaping up to be the most important election our country will ever see.  The United States is at a tipping point - under assault from within by Barack Obama and his socialist minions.   If we want to take our country back, Mitt Romney MUST be elected our next president.  An honest election in Wisconsin will ensure this happens.

As Wisconsinites know, the Voter ID LAW (yes, it passed) is STILL being roadblocked by liberal activist judges.  With Voter ID in place for the recall elections, it is a pretty safe bet that Van Waangard would have kept his senate seat.  But this is a case of fraud winning out.  We must not let this happen again in November.  We need to bombard our elected officials with demands that they force the hands of the courts to act on Voter ID.  Even if the leftie judges rule against it, the law will end up in the Supreme Court, where it will be reinstated.  Time is of the essence.  Voter ID MUST be in place come November.

Hopefully, Van Wanggaard WILL take his very valid and strong case of voter fraud to the courts.  If for nothing else, such a case will serve to expose the level that the left will go to in order to swing elections.  People must wake up and not sit complacently by, allowing this to happen.

(As a side note, remember how the lefties demanded Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus of Waukesha County LOSE her job for simply failing to report Brookfield vote totals to the Associated Press in a timely fashion in the past Wisconsin Supreme Court race?  Well, Racine County Clerk Wendy Christensen  obviously didn't do her job and SHOULD get fired.  She oversaw an intentional mess.  Real ballot bags being stuffed, sealed, then re-opened and sealed again.  Laws ignored about signing poll books.  Rules thrown out the window regarding what constitutes a valid "proof of residency" with little concern that voters were who they said they were. Poll workers apparently lacking in poll work training.   Yet, where is the outcry from the left about Ms. Christensen's job performance?)

Here are Racine County Clerk Wendy Christensen's own words about the recall election voting concerns:

"I believe I've done a lot when it comes to training poll workers, but it's clear that municipal clerks need to be sure they're hiring competent help.  The way things were documented and the document sealing reflects poorly on the election process."

Christensen's deputy, Roseanne Kuemmel, agreed.

"These were not minor clerical errors.  I'm appalled that they're being classified in that manner because what happened in the city make people lose their confidence in our election process."

News flash, Ms. Kuemmel, many of us honest voters - who only vote once come election time - are sick and tired of the antics of the left when it comes to voter fraud.  We know it happens.  The left knows it happens. 

Do not allow what happened in Racine to happen in Wisconsin come November.  Let's work to ensure honest elections - and getting Voter ID reinstated is the first step. 

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