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The Individual Mandate for Dummies

(Thanks to my conservative sister, Moe, for sending me this easy-to-understand e-mail, and for creator Emily Kim giving me permission to post her cartoon). 

A few days after the pathetic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare (which, in all honesty, needs to be called  "Obamatax"),  Mitt Romney's campaign has seen a huge upsurge in campaign funds - thousands of donations in the  $10 - $25 range -  from people upset with the courts blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution.  Good.  Let's keep it going.  What happens in November is monumental - and the voters will decide if the United States is saved  (with the election of Romney)  or destroyed by Obama and his socialist minions. 

In regards to Obamacare, if anyone needs to be reminded, Obama & Co. insisted all along that the "individual mandate" was NOT a tax!!! (It was to be considered a "fine" if one did not wish to purchase health insurance).  Yet, with unsolicited and unexpected assistance from Chief Justice John Roberts, using his own pen,  the Obamacare mandate was re-written -  and deemed A TAX.   And this, folks, will be the biggest tax increase ever forced upon the American people - if it is not repealed.

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel's Business section ("What the Court's Ruling Means for Consumers - 7/1/12)  provided a few insights into how health care costs are expected to rise with the implementation of Obamatax:

-  new levies under the law, such as the 10% tax on tanning services, stay put

-  Most of the mandates don't start until 2014,.  That's when most Americans will be required to carry insurance or pay the penalty at issue in the Supreme Court case.  The penalty will start at $95 per year, or up to 1% of a person's income - whichever is greater.

-   Most consumers can expect to keep seeing increases in premiums and co-payments because the underlying cost of health care is expected to rise.

The brief article in the Journal/Sentinel doesn't even touch many of the other "hidden" costs, rules, regulations, dangers, etc. in the mess of legislation that most Americans do not want.  Face it.  Obamacare is bad - bad for Americans and bad for America.  Obamacare needs to be repealed and Mitt Romney is up to the task. 

The cartoon above sums up the absurdity of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. 

(Interesting to note, the approval ratings of the U.S. Supreme Court took a huge nosedive after the Obamacare ruling came down. )

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