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All is not lost...

Alright, I admit  I was as shocked as most Americans that the United States Supreme Court did not do its job and uphold the Constitution in regards to Obamacare. Instead, five activist justices voted to give Obama and the Democrats a green light to do whatever they want.  For some reason, I believed the court would do the right thing - get politics out of the way and protect the Constitution as they had pledged.  (I know the four liberals on the court don't care diddly about the Constitution, but I had faith in Roberts and the other four conservative justices).  Sadly, I was wrong.  After digesting the disappointing news, I managed to come up with several bright spots.  So, as my blog title states:  all is not lost!  

Chief Justice John Roberts seems to have gone off the deep end and crossed over to the dark side.  Either that, or he just wants to be loved -  aspiring to become the darling of the lefties and new BFF of Barry Obama.  I have no clue why.  Roberts - and the four liberal judges of the court who voted with him - did not do their jobs to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  On the other hand, the four justices who voted against Obamacare made it very clear that the "mandate," as well as Obamacare in general,  is unconstitutional.  And how the "mandate"  suddenly morphed into a "tax" (which Obama and Co. always denied it was) is suspect.  If the mandate IS now a tax - America has just gotten served with the biggest tax bill in history.

Yes, this is a very disturbing day in the history of the nation. 

But don't give up hope entirely. 

This may be a temporary "victory" for Obama (and he will "spike the football" for as long as he wants, classless narcissist that he is), but Mitt Romney is waiting in the wings to repeal the entire thing.  Many people are pinning their hopes on a Romney victory and this ruling will really serve to motivate even more people to get out and support Romney and other Republican candidates running for offices across the nation.  

 Romneys words immediately following the court ruling:

"What the court did not do on last day in session, I'll do on my first day as president and act to repeal Obamacare."

 And come November, the silent majority of all the Americans who want Obamacare repealed will have their chance to elect Romney. 

I equate this temporary victory for Obama/Obamacare to the pseudo-victory of liberal John Lehman over Republican Van Waangard for the 21st district state senate seat in Racine in the recent recall election.   (As a side note:  The election results have yet to be certified in that race, since Van Waangard asked for a recount.  In addition, the voting procedures in Racine are highly suspect as to how voting rules were ignored, and everything is still a mess.  Police are investigating various reports of questionable activities in the Racine area race.   Reports of  voter fraud and chaos - with some 4,000 plus "same day voter registrations" (lots of cars/vans with Illinois plates in the area, too, on voting day - wonder what that was all about??)  overwhelming poll workers.) Even if Lehman pulls out an  "Al Franken-style" victory,   it's meaningless.  Sure, the Wisconsin Senate may have a Democratic majority - but it is an empty win.  The legislators are on hiatus until January.  Elections are coming in November which indicate that the Republicans will become the majority in the Wisconsin senate once again.  So what did John Lehman really win (if he is indeed victorious after all is finalized in Racine)?  A temporary job for a few months - with nothing to do.   This is akin to the Obamacare ruling today.  A temporary victory - but meaningless with the election of Republican Mitt Romney. 

Even in the face of this blatant disregard for the Constitution, I still have faith that right will triumph over wrong come November.  If Republicans and conservatives and Tea Party members - who have been very motivated all along - become (as I believe they will) even more determined to ensure a Romney/Republican victory in November, Obamacare will have served a purpose.  Not to make the government more powerful - but to motivate Americans to take back our country - take it back from big government and the socialists currently in power.  Take it back from the brink of disaster.  And that will be a good thing.

Just as so many of us were on Cloud Nine after Governor Walker rightly won the recall election a few weeks ago, the "pro-entitlement, pro-big government" crowd is gloating today.  I say, let them gloat.  And in a way, to really look on the bright side, Mitt Romney couldn't have asked for a better campaign issue to use in the months leading up to November.

Perhaps as we once thanked Barack Obama for motivating complacent  Americans to stand up to protect the country from him and his socialist policies - with the birth of the Tea Parties - we should consider thanking the United States Supreme Court.  Today, with this shameful ruling, they have providing yet another lightning rod to get even more complacent Americans off their red-white-and-blue butts and work hard to elect Republicans and conservatives in November to save our country!

We can save America - with our votes in November.

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