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Thank you, Andrea Mitchell

 MSNBC and  reporter Andrea Mitchell have given us all yet another classic example of liberal media bias.  Please watch and enjoy the lamestream media attempting to smear Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the video below.  The first part is what viewers watching MSNBC originally saw - a clip of Romney edited to make him look foolish and out of touch with  the "real folk." 

However, once we get past the cut-and-splice job, the actual context of Romney's remarks becomes clear when shown in its entirety.  Mitt Romney was simply making a point that the private sector works more efficiently, smarter, and cost-effectively than the public sector.   Yet, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell attempted to turn this into something else - with Mitchell laughing at Romney's remarks after the VERY edited film clip shown on MSNBC.  

Thankfully, due to the Internet, talk radio, conservative websites,  and simple word-of-mouth, this pathetic attempted distortion of Romney's words has gone viral.  Now we are laughing at how idiotic Mitchell and MSNBC look. 

MSNBC has some 'xplainin' to do...

Enjoy!  And thanks, Andrea Mitchell, for yet another wonderful example of media bias...  

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