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This is what Democracy looks like!!!

Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in their solid victories on June 5th!!!

Wisconsin IS moving forward. 

 The good people of Wisconsin turned out in droves to support the Governor and Lt. Governor -

- in spite of the months of obnoxious protests and bad behaviors from unionistas/libs/Dems/anti-Walker folks in the state capitol and elsewhere

-  in spite of all the out-of-state focus and millions of dollars funneled in to oust Walker from the big unions and politicians, including the Obama White House

-  in spite of the sleazy and despicable campaign run by Mayor Trolley Tom Barrett of Milwaukee (Barrett really does have some apologizing to do to Governor Walker for his bad and disrespectful behavior.  At least FINALLY during his concession speech, Barrett referred to Walker as "Governor!"  That was a first!)

-  in spite of the in-your-face recall petitioners and intimidation from the left across the state

-  in spite of Voter ID being temporarily blocked by liberal activist judges from the People's Republic of Madison

-  in spite of the last-minute garbage from the left, claiming Walker had a "love child."  Claiming that Walker was going to be indicted in the never-ending laugher of a "John Doe" investigation.  Claiming robo-calls were going out on election day  from the Republicans telling people they didn't need to vote if they signed a recall petition...what a hoot!

- in spite of out-of-staters from Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and other states, being bussed  to Wisconsin on election day to "help"

-  in spite of the leftie "get out and vote" (early and often!) efforts


It is truly a great day for our state!!! 

What's next?  Well, Wisconsin has officially become a "Republican state."  (You can bet that  Democrat Tammy Baldwin (running for the U.S. Senate)  and President Barack Obama are on shaky ground...)  The momentum will continue to grow as Walker's reforms continue to improve the state's fiscal and business climate.   People seem to like less government and lower taxes...and this WILL catch on nationwide.  Wisconsin is leading the way for the rest of the nation.  We can be proud - we saved our state and the reverberations from the recall election WILL be felt across the country.  

Next up - November!!!


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