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Tom "name the name" Barrett left speechless...

An interview with a Weekly Standard reporter exposed a flaw in  Mayor Tom Barrett's claim that ACT 10 would destroy the public schools.   Barrett, looking like a fool, was asked to name a single school district hurt by ACT 10.  He couldn't.  Barrett was speechless.  Par for the course, Barrett tried to change the subject - not once, but twice.  And then, after being asked the same question for a third time, Barrett responded with  "We can do an analysis and get back to you on that."  (Will this be before or after June 5th, Tom?)  Wasn't ACT 10 the catalyst for going after Walker?  And if so, wouldn't Barrett have a lengthy list on hand of those school districts "gutted" (favorite liberal buzzword) by evil Governor Walker and ACT 10?

Read the entire article regarding Barrett being unable to answer such a simple question at The Weekly Standard (written by John McCormack/May 30th, 2012) link below:


"Barrett Can't Name Any Schools Hurt by Walker's Collective Bargaining Reforms"

- a couple of choice excerpts:

"Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is facing a recall election on June 5 because of the law he signed last spring to limit the collective bargaining power of public employee unions--a reform his opponents said would be a "disaster" and destroy public education in the state. Walker's Democratic challenger, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, acknowledged this morning that the collective bargaining issue was the "flame that started this" recall election, but Barrett couldn't point to a single public school that has been harmed by Walker's reforms."


"Not only has Barrett been unable to point to a single school district hurt by Walker's reforms, he has been unwilling to say how he would have balanced the budget differently than Walker did. Barrett was also unable yesterday to name a single policy he would pursue to create jobs in the state of Wisconsin."


Oh my goodness.  Barrett and his supporters are at a loss.  A loss to truly explain just WHAT the recall efforts are even about.  They cannot offer up any evidence that Walker's reforms have hurt the state.  They cannot honestly dispute the positive jobs numbers and improved lower unemployment percentages.   They cannot dispute the fact that Walker balanced the state budget without massive lay-offs or raising taxes.  They cannot dispute the fact that Wisconsin has moved way up in the rankings in the area of best states to do business in.  (From the Business Journal:  Wisconsin now ranks 20th on the annual list, moving up from 24 in 2011, according to the magazine's latest Best & Worst States Survey. The rise follows a 17-place jump last year from 41st place in 2010.) 

More importantly, they cannot offer up any reason WHY Tom Barrett should become the next governor. 

June 5th is shaping up to be a solid Walker victory.  Not only are the polls repeatedly showing Walker with a lead,  Barrett has been unable to inspire or rev up the anti-Walker lefties to any measurable degree.  Barrett has nothing to offer other than his silly "Walker e-mails/John Doe ads" that make me laugh out loud whenever they are on the radio or television.  They are akin to a short comedy skit. 

Barrett's also not getting the initial support anymore from the Obama White House.  Obama may have helped get Barrett to run in the first place, but now has thrown him under the bus. Obama won't visit Wisconsin, since even he realizes the Dems are facing a losing battle.  

 The "silent majority" - Republicans, conservatives, and other pro-Walker people -  who have not been nearly as vocal as the unionistas and other lefties during this anti-Walker campaign are waiting for the election as their chance to be heard loud and clear.  (Sure, we had a few pro-Walker rallies, but nothing as prominent or well-covered by the media as the take over of the state capitol and other anti-Walker events. But that's OK.)  The momentum and drive is on our side - we - the majority of the people in the state of Wisconsin - will take back out state come June 5th.  We are sick and tired of the recalls - recalls whose foundation was little more than displeasure with legislation being passed that a minority didn't like.  We are sick and tired of liberal activist judges halting passed legislation like Voter ID to keep lefties happy for the time being.    Well, too bad.  Our day - June 5th - will soon be here.  The Walker supporters - by all accounts - are chomping at the bit to vote.  One poster on another website summed it up with "I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Governor Walker."  I think he speaks for a lot of us.  Enough is enough.

June 5th will see Walker win - and the state will continue on the road to prosperity, smaller government, and lower taxes - all while remaining fiscally responsible.  

REMEMBER - VOTE JUNE 5th for Walker and take back our state!!!


(* Oh, and for those who may be confused by the title of my blog -  remember when claims of voter fraud in Milwaukee and the state were sloughed off and sneered at by a disbelieving Mayor Barrett with his statements:  "just one name!" and "name the names..."  Eventually many names of people who cheated in the past elections were provided.  No response from the Mayor, of course. 

So it is with such irony that when Tom Barrett himself was asked (three times)  to verify his claim that ACT 10 has harmed schools by "naming the name!" of any school district as proof  -  JUST ONE NAME of ANY school district harmed by ACT 10  - he couldn't do it.)

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