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The Wisconsin Way

Saw this video on conservative radio (WTMJ)  talk show host Charlie Sykes blog site.  Just had to share this one - especially with the recall election in a few short days.

This, folks, is why Governor Scott Walker WILL win yet again on June 5th.  People are sick of the whining, bullying actions of a minority of public employees, liberals, Dems,  and out-of-staters.  People are sick of the recalls.  People are sick of the millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on the recalls.  People are sick of having NO GOOD reason for the recalls, other than the losers couldn't abide by the results of an election...

Remember - GET OUT AND VOTE  for Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch on Tuesday, June 5th.  Be sure to urge anyone else you know to get out and vote, too.  Turnout WILL be key. 

In addition, if you live in:   District 13 - vote for State Senator Scott Fitzgerald

                                              District 21 -  vote for State Senator Van Wanggaard

                                              District 23 - vote for State Senator Terry Moulton

                                              District 29 - vote for Pam Galloway

Come June 5th, let's vote to take back our state from the unionistas/Dems/libs/anti-Walker people and return it back to the people - the majority of people who voted for Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch, and other Republican State Senators in the first place!  Let's continue moving forward -  improving the fiscal well-being of Wisconsin, growing businesses and jobs, getting Voter ID back,  and in general - allowing our state government to govern.  

Thank you!


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