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What Scott Walker's Ad Should Be...

Governor Scott Walker wins hands down come June 5th.  And if he runs the YouTube ad, his win is a no-brainer.

What exactly IS "Trolley Tom" Barrett running on?  Will the second debate be a re-hash of the first?  With a very childish, pouty  Tom Barrett doing nothing more than personally attacking Governor Walker?  while Governor Walker remains calm, cool, and collected, and simply points out - using facts (those pesky things that liberals hate) to explain how Wisconsin is FINALLY on the right path - thanks to ACT 10 and Walker's pro-business environment for the state?  All Barrett could do was personally attack Walker.  And much to his credit, Walker didn't bite.  Barrett had to resort to Democrat talking points - offering NO solutions and NO plans whatsoever as to what he would do as governor to move the state forward.  All he could say (as fed to him by the DNC puppet masters) seemed to be "divide and conquer" and "drop the bomb."  Say what???  He just looked desperate.  Walker had so much class that Barrett looked like a total jerk - trying to be a unionista bully.

The first debate saw a complete smackdown of Mayor "show us the e-mails" Barrett.  What a laugher.  Please, Governor Walker, use this YouTube video as an ad.  It makes so much sense and points out all the flaws of the do-nothing Mayor of Milwaukee - whose own city is ranked as one of the top ten worst cities in the nation when it comes to unemployment ratings.  Does anyone in the state really want Barrett as governor - to let  the entire state of Wisconsin mimic his Milwaukee?

Vote Governor Walker on June 5th!!!  Everyone NEEDS to vote in order to cancel out the "cheat" factor that is already in play due to Voter ID being nixed for this election by the leftie judges in the People's Republic of Madison. Vote early to ensure your vote will not be stolen before you even get to the polls!

Walker has this recall election won - unless the out-of-state unionistas and the White House can skew the results with cheating.  Let's make sure that doesn't happen!  Turn out and vote - and get your family, friends, neighbors, etc. and anyone else who is over-confident that Walker will win (as all polls show) to go out and vote rather than watching from the sidelines!  Don't assume anything.  Every vote for Walker  MUST count.

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