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Vote Early!!! Get out and re-elect Governor Scott Walker!

To all Wisconsin residents - 

 Early absentee voting started Monday, May 21st,  for the gubernatorial recall election.  Reports from across the state indicate that voter turn out to early absentee vote has surprised many clerks in the sheer number of votes being cast.  In some municipalities there were lines to early vote.  Chalk this up to the impressive and powerful union boots on the ground effort.  Some estimates I have read puts the number of paid union foot soldiers from places like Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey and North Carolina, in the tens of thousands.   Will any or all of these out of state union paid union workers vote?  Maybe, let's face it, cheating is not something the Democrats/unions will shy away from especially in this election  -  the stakes are too high for the unions.  The battle cry for this election is no holds barred!  This vast paid organization will not overlook or ignore one possible Barrett voter - the effort will be massive in places like Milwaukee and Madison and of course on college campuses.  

 It is critical that everyone vote, your husband, wife, mother, son or daughter, aunts, uncles. . .  you get the idea.  Please do not take for granted that Walker is ahead in the polls and he should win.  Many pundits have said that which ever side can mobilize its voters will be the winning side.  We cannot let apathy or confidence keep any one of us away from the polls.  This is far to important to the future of Wisconsin to sit back and leave it up to the rest of us.  

 Early absentee voting this past Monday and will run until Friday, June 1st. You will not be able to vote on Monday, June 4th - the day before the general election on Tuesday, June 5th.  

 Village of Hartland you can show up in person at town hall (where the police station is) from 7:30 am- 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday and cast your ballot.  
Village of Merton  show up at the municipal building across from the primary school - hours are 9:00 am - 5 pm Monday thru Thursday (closed Friday)

 This gives you almost 2 weeks to go and cast you ballot at your convenience.  If you are unable to get to town hall, download the absentee ballot form and mail it in.  Your town clerk will then send you a ballot thru the mail.  Follow the directions and send it back in.

 If you are not registered, you can register and vote at the same time in person at town hall during the early voting period.   Bring id and proof of residence to register, it takes about 3 minutes.

 Please feel free to forward this information on to family or friends.  It is vital we all get tot the polls whether early, by absentee or on June 5th.
***Since absentee voting began, it has been estimated that almost 12,000 people have turned out in Madison and Milwaukee - some being driven to polling places in vans provided by liberal organizations.  Conservative talk show host (WISN 1130)  Mark Belling, discussed this on his show yesterday.  In addition Belling stated that he believes that voter fraud by the left will account for almost 2% of the final vote totals when all is said and done.  I agree.    
We know that without Voter ID in place, voter fraud will be occurring - as it has in past elections.  Already its been discovered that the Democrats have had access to various UW college campus student e-mail databases - sending mass e-mailings "helping educate" the students on how to vote in a recall (wink wink).  Surely ACORN, the unions, and other liberal organizations like will be visiting our state to "help" with the voting.   The Democratic motto (similar to that of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars) "Vote early, Vote often" - will be in full swing.    From the start, Walker will be behind - perhaps by tens of thousands of fraudulent votes -  and have to make up ground. 
Be sure to encourage anyone you know who supports Walker to get out and vote!!!
Walker's reforms ARE working.  Wisconsin is in the best financial shape it has been in a long time and is heading in the right direction.  We must vote to continue to allow Walker to do his job - the job the majority of Wisconsin voters elected him to do in 2010.
The ONLY way Governor Scott Walker will lose this election is by apathy - apathy from Walker supporters who don't think they need to vote because they assume Walker will win.  Don't assume anything - what is at stake is too important for the future of our state.

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