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A Study in Bias

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel recently managed to outdo itself and provide several classic examples of bias in the media - all from just one edition of the paper.  The Friday (5/11/12)  main section was chock full of such stories,  so much so that my husband and I laughed out loud while reading.  It is easy to conclude that  "journalists" at the paper have gone off the deep end, so geared up to help Tom Barrett defeat Governor Walker in the upcoming recall election AND aid Barry Obama in his quest to rule over his kingdom for another four years.

Given so many samples to choose from, I've selected the "top five" biased articles in all their glory - and here they are:

1)  From the first page main section:  "Walker team projects budget surplus."  The Urinal/Sentinel had to be sure to add their "but...." smaller headline in there: "Some savings is from delaying debt payments."  According to reports, the state should have a surplus - yes, a surplus - of $154.5 million dollars a year from now.  When one reads the entire story - the Journal/Sentinel saw fit to devote almost as many columns to retorts from the Barrett and Democratic camp to dispute the numbers.  (This never happens when the paper does stories on leftie politicians.  Sure, they may give the GOP a sentence or two to respond, but that's it.)  And one would really think that a $154.5 million surplus is a good thing - but obviously not the folks at the Journal/Sentinel.

2)  Right below the previously mentioned article comes "In film, Walker cites 'divide and conquer' plan."  Ooooh!  The lamestream media is bursting a blood vessel in their rush to promote this spin tale.  A cut-and-splice project by a leftie "filmmaker" which was shot on January 18th, 2011. (From January 18th, 2011??? Why is this just surfacing now???  Did it take that long to edit to get the desired effect - much like the "Frankenstein Veto" that  Diamond Jim Doyle was so fond of???)  Supposedly Walker is saying he wants to "divide and conquer" the unions.  If you see the whole film or have access to Walker's discussion in it's entirety with Mary Willmer-Sheedy (a community bank president for  M & I Bank in Janesville), please note that what the press wants people to believe is actually far from the truth.  Leftie journalists everywhere are seizing upon this as some kind of "gotcha" moment.  Again, most know better.  This one will fade away as fast as it popped up out of nowhere.

Next are the final three stories - so blatant in their display of "bias" that hopefully ANY conservative/Republican (or any readers with a bit of common sense)  will see fit to cancel their subscription to the Journal/Sentinel pronto. 

Here goes:

3)  Page 4A of the main section, headline:  "Obama campaigns on gay rights stance."  Ever since the  White House basement dweller Vice-President Joe "we be gaffes" Biden shot off his mouth and stated that gays should be allowed to marry, the White House had to adjust to accommodate.  Hmmm?  An election year?  Obama is losing voting blocs left and right.  Who is left besides the illegal aliens, avowed socialists,  young people who don't know any better, and gays?  OK - so endorse "gay marriage" Mr. Obama.  But be careful to not commit to any legislation to support such.  What Obama is doing is yet again, making a non-issue an issue.  He needs distractions like flies need poop.  He needs to deflect attention away from his pathetic record as prez.  So, Biden pops off his mouth.  Obama has to react.  Says all of a sudden he has "evolved" (i.e. "flip-flopped") and now supports gay marriage.  So what?  Historic?  No way. What is going to change?  Nothing.  Political move - you betcha.  Nothing more.

4)  Now, comes the frosting on the cake.  Directly below Obama's "evolutionary" stance and sudden epiphany  on gay marriage comes:  "Story of high school event elicits apology from Romney."  Seems that during high school, the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, was a bit of a prankster.  He has admitted as such.  Decades ago, Romney and some fellow classmates gave a haircut to another boy whose hair they felt was too long.  Supposedly they knew somehow that this individual was "gay."  (Folks, we are talking about the 60's here.)   Romney has said that he did not know this fellow classmate was "gay.'  (The classmate who endured the haircut came out of the closet years later.)  Yet, we get actual conversations from Romney classmates (who can really recall exact words said from years ago?) that the  "presumed homosexuality" of a "non-conformist" led Romney and a group of fellow classmates to cut his hair.  Now, remember, this story is coming from the AP - the same AP who just cannot seem to find anything related to the background of the current President of the United States.  The same AP that cannot find any former girlfriends, grades, college transcripts, or old friends who have any tales to tell of the escapades of Barrack Hussein Obama.  Why, even the ultra-liberal New York Times has said that this time around they might try to provide a bit of information about Obama's past!!!!  (Don't hold your breath on that one.).  Too funny!

After examining other pro-Barrett, anti-Walker, pro-Obama, anti-American articles in the Journal/Sentinel, it was difficult to determine which one would be number five.  Would it be:  "Military Class suspended over Islam views," or "Home sales surge 44% in metro Milwaukee," or "Feds sue Arizona Sheriff?"  Could it be ""Walker ad spins Barrett's position?"   No, the final pick for one of my top five demonstrating the bias of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel has to be:

5)  "House approves bill cutting $310 billion."  Yes, this is the one where the Republicans push granny off the cliff in her wheelchair, laughing.  This is the one where the Republicans are drowning puppies.  This is the one where Republicans are cheering pollution in rivers and the air we breath, throwing trash on the freeways and parks.  This is the one where Republicans want the poor to be denied health care and get sick and die.  This is the one where Republicans want people to starve to death.   You get the picture.  Anyhow, the gist of the story is that the House approved legislation trying to rein in the deficit and curb out-of-control spending by the federal government.   Presented by our own Representative Paul Ryan, the proposed bill makes difficult choices in order to save our country from the similar follies of Greece and other countries in dire economic straits.  At the rate Obama and the Dems are spending money, the United States is teetering on the brink of disaster and economic collapse.  Ryan and the Republicans are trying to save it.  However, the journalists spin this as an attack on the poor, elderly, and sick - which it is not.  Rather, this legislation - which doesn't have a chance of passing in the Democratic-controlled Senate or getting by Barry "I'll veto it"  Obama - provides a recipe for fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and prosperity for all.  This is in direct contrast to the desired goal of socialist-in-chief Obama and his co-horts who wish to see every U.S. citizen totally dependent upon the government for their every want and need.  Yet, the story is presented in such a manner that the Republicans are oh-so-evil.  Imagine!  Wanting a to stop the reckless spending!  Wanting to stop the unsustainable social programs!  Wanting to stop the  future demise of America!  No, instead the Journal/Sentinel has to spin this one as an attack on those less fortunate in society - which it is not.  If we do not do something soon to address the deficit and out-of-control spending, we will ALL be the "less fortunate."

In closing, suffice it to say that Friday's Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (5/11/12) was a showcase of biased reporting. In the days ahead, just expect it to get worse.  As the June 5th election draws near, Walker will become more evil than the devil himself (I know, a lot of libs are agnostic, but for the time being, just go along with me here).  Barrett will be the white knight - unable to salvage Milwaukee for the past eight years due to Scott Walker's misdeeds while County Executive.   As we progress towards the presidential race, Romney will be portrayed as a bigoted, hate-filled, cold-hearted, homophobe, racist, elitist, MORMON!!!! Oh the horrors!  And Obama, well, that's a toughie.  How does the media try to salvage the dismal and dangerous years of Obama?  Guess we'll talk marriage and the "war on women" - and pull out the "it is Bush's fault" card.  The "journalists" will ignore the bleak economy, unemployment rate, taxes, war on terror, Obamacare, etc....

Here's hoping that the majority of us know better!

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