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Looking good for June 5th!


Even with the liberal media doing its very best not to let people know that Governor Scott Walker was on the primary ballot in yesterday's race, facing a "fake" Republican challenger, the word got out.  Either via conservative talk radio, blogs, or simply word-of-mouth, Republicans/conservatives turned out in droves to vote their support for Walker.  Just imagine what numbers Walker would have received HAD the media done anything to promote the fact that Walker was on the ballot to begin with???

When all was said and done:

Governor Scott Walker:  626,538

Arthur Kohl-Riggs ("fake" Republican challenger):  19,920

The strong initial show of support - in a primary recall election - without ALL Walker supporters even KNOWING that Walker was on the ballot is amazing.

Walkers total is larger than that of Democrats Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk COMBINED (Walker:  626,538 - Barrett/Falk:  619,049)!!!

Tom Barrett:  390,109

Kathleen Falk:  228,940

- other three Dem contenders combined for a total of:  51,229

So what exactly does all of this mean?

For one, the union candidate, Falk, lost big time.  This indicates that many people are sick and tired of the "union agenda" of creating chaos in our state simply to return to the stranglehold of collective bargaining on the taxpayers.  The unions poured over $5 million dollars into Falk's campaign, to see it fizzle at the polls. 

Secondly, Tom Barrett cannot continue to point fingers at Walker anymore and  just repeat over and over how  Walker is evil.  Barrett's got some 'splainin' to do on his pathetic record as the Mayor of Milwaukee.  No matter how the Journal/Sentinel tries to gloss over the dismal years of Barrett as Mayor, the truth will come to light.  (Bring on those debates between Barrett and Walker!)  In eight long years - what has Barrett done to improve the city?  Barrett's record is one of high unemployment, high taxes, high school drop-out rates, with no end in sight.  Oh, but don't forget that $65 million dollar taxpayer-funded streetcar - Barretts baby!   Barrett's record speaks for itself.  If anyone wants to make the state of Wisconsin similar in kind to Barrett's Milwaukee - go for it!

Third:  anyone wonder how many Republicans may have "crossed-over" to vote for Falk?  Thus decreasing even more the number of votes that the Democratic contenders received when compared to Walker.

Fourth:  Can anyone remember how many Walker Recall Petition signatures there were?  The liberal Government Accountability Board concluded that 901,000 signatures were valid. 901,000 signatures.  Adding up all the Democratic governor totals from above comes to:  670,278.  A difference of:  230,722. Where WERE those 230,722 people that were so angry and determined to kick Walker out of office?  Did they stay home?  Were they uninterested in the primary election?  Were they suffering from "recall election fatigue?"    Or....were they from out-of-state to begin with and were unable to return to Wisconsin to vote in the primary?  Whatever the reason,  this bodes very well for Governor Scott Walker.

Come June 5th, Governor Scott Walker WILL win yet again.  The only two questions associated with his election will be:

- how big a margin will Governor Walker beat Barrett by?

- will the liberals FINALLY accept the results of an election?

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