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War on Women? Really, Mayor Barrett?

You will not see this story in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel.  Even though the unbiased "journalists" at the paper have been made aware of it, they determined it is not newsworthy.  Nothing to see, move along. 

Milwaukee's Mayor, Tom Barrett, recently received the endorsement of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.  All well and good so far, and not unexpected since this is just another union to back another Democrat in the recall effort against Governor Scott Walker.

However, what is interesting (and should indeed be a story in the newspaper) about this story is the fact that the  WPPA Executive Director (whom Barrett stood side-by-side with when this endorsement was announced) James Palmer has some domestic issues:



"Barrett’s first major union endorsement is the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, and front and center – Jim Palmer, the organization’s executive director. “Tom Barret has consistently demonstrated his support for those who serve in public safety,” Palmer said. Critics are raising questions, saying Palmer has a troubled past that undercuts Barrett’s message. In court documents, Palmer’s wife says “Jim has engaged in aggressive, physical contact with me in the past, and has received anger management for those actions. However, he still cannot control his temper.”

Barrett and other Democrats have made “the war on women” a central issue in the recall campaign.

The Republican Party told FOX6 News in a statement: “If these allegations are true, then it is absolutely shameful that Tom Barrett, for political purposes, would falsely attack Governor Walker’s record on women’s issues while standing next to a man with an alleged history of using physical force against his own wife.”

Going to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, you can view the case against Mr. Palmer filed by his wife, Michelle.  A restraining order for four years was granted by the court against Mr. Palmer.


Given Mayor Barrett's propensity for attacking Governor Walker on just about everything, including: 

- JOBS  (what's Milwaukee's unemployment rate for the last 8 years, Tom?  what's Milwaukee's black unemployment rate for the last 8 years, Tom?),

- SCHOOLS  (what is the graduation rate for Milwaukee's schools for the last 8 years, Tom? how many violent fights have occurred in Milwaukee's public schools over the last 8 years, Tom? how many teachers is MPS laying off due to refusing to utilize the tools of ACT 10, Tom?),

 - TAXES  (how many of the 8 years you have been in office have taxes gone up in Milwaukee, Tom?  7 to be exact...),

- CAMPAIGN PROMISES (before ever becoming Mayor, Barrett promised one of his first acts would be to end the dumping of raw sewage by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District .  After 8 years, why is the MMSD still dumping poop in the lake, Tom?)

...doesn't Mayor Barrett need to get his own house in order?  

In addition, let's not forget the liberals recent self-generated crisis -  the so-called  "war on women."   Of course this non-issue is just another weak distraction dreamed up by the likes of Obama and others to deflect attention away from all of their own political failings.  However, for Barrett "to keep it real" - why is he accepting an endorsement from the Executive Director of the WPPA - a man who obviously has domestic issues with his wife? 

What is even more disgusting is that the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel has passed on reporting this.  Mr. Palmer, in an e-mail to WPPA  Board and staff, even writes about this fact:

Dear WPPA Board & Staff:

Please see the link below. The Republican Party of Wisconsin has turned their sights on me in an effort to diminish the WPPA's endorsement of Tom Barrett in his bid to unseat Scott Walker.

At this time, I do not expect additional stories to occur. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel looked into this story and decided against it.

(And besides, the staff of the Journal/Sentinel is probably too busy - working overtime to turn over every rock and interview everyone who knew or associated with Scott Walker from birth to the find some dirt, just any dirt!!!)

Now,  you can be sure that in regards to Mr. Palmer,  the libs will all cry that a person's personal life is their own business!  Palmers fights with his wife are between the two of them and no one else!  Palmers actions do not reflect on Tom Barrett at all!  Leave poor Mayor Barrett out of this!

Sure.  If it were only that simple.

Just imagine for one moment if Governor Scott Walker had received the endorsement from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association and was associated with Mr. Palmer.  Think the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel would simply pass on the story???

We all know the honest answer to that question.

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