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John Doe is a cesspool

Bob Dohnal and his wife, Jean, write a paper known as "The Conservative Digest."  The following article was forwarded on to me from Mr. Dohnal, and he has given me permission to re-print it.  Given that the May 8th governor's race primaries are coming up shortly, it will be interesting to see if Mr. Dohnal's prediction comes true.  Will  Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm wait for the moment before the primary (or actual election in June) to drop some trumped-up charges on Governor Scott Walker simply in order to help out Mayor Tom Barrett in the race for the governorship?  Barrett needs all the help he can get.  Will the District Attorney of Milwaukee lend a hand?  Only time will tell... 


The never-ending John Doe fishing expedition, run by Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, is a cesspool of leaks, corruption, and partisanship. It is no wonder that there have been leaks: the great majority of employees are rank partisans, giving money to the liberals and signing recall petitions.

Normally, John Doe investigations are aimed at one person or a group in one incident. Chisholm has used this as a massive fishing expedition in order to "Get Scott Walker.” It is so slow, it has gone on for two years, frequently leaking information to the Journal, Shepherd Express, Isthmus, and Joel McNally. It is a powerful political tool.

On the Charlie Sykes (WTMJ AM620) show, Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute correctly forecast the time and entrance of Tom Barrett into the governor's race. He also predicted coming indictments by John Chisholm, to help his buddy Tom Barrett, in an attempt to elect Barrett, and his big spending, economy- killing agenda, to the governorship. In Milwaukee,  these guys stick together and watch each others backs. What greater thing could John Chisholm do than indict Scott Walker, on some flimsy evidence, right before the election?  It has been said that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to do so.

We have had trouble with this office for years. It has been a well-known fact that the office, under Chisholm or former Milwaukee District Attorney E. Michael McCann, would never go after any corruption of the elections by the democrats. We presented them with 45 pages of evidence of double voting by a state senate candidate and they refused to touch it.

Media Trackers has exposed the fact that over 47 employees, (and maybe as many as 70) in the actual DA's office (that is investigating using public employees to campaign), passed out recall petitions in the office. Some people involved in the John Doe investigation actually signed the recall petitions. Many employees made donations to the liberals that are pushing the recalls.

Is justice really neutral? I do not think so - in this case it is partisan.  The Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG)  discovered the fact that Jeff Fleming, a PR guy for Tom Barrett, was doing election work in Barrett's office during work days. He was exposed on the Charlie Sykes show and then disappeared. Has Mr. Fleming been dragged before a John Doe? Do not think so.

This is Milwaukee justice -  get  Governor Scott Walker at all costs and damn the torpedoes.

We need to demand a John Doe of the John Doe. The state attorney general – J.B. Van Hollen - needs to step in and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leaks and corruption in this department.

Lastly, Republicans need to go on the offense on this matter. For too long, we have seen the GOP speechless and standing there taking these lumps. You can never win if you play defense. Everyone needs to send a letter and call their representatives from both parties, the AG's office,  and the press.

Demand justice for the taxpayers of this state.

An Editorial by: Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers/Editors of The Wisconsin Conservative digest

(Thanks to Bob and Jean Dohnal for granting permission for posting this article.)

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