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Walker needs your vote on May 8th!

For those conservatives or Republicans who may be contemplating crossing over to vote in the upcoming Democratic primaries for union lackey Kathleen Falk or other Dems, think again.

There IS a Republican primary election for Governor.

Very little has been made of the fact -  yes, it's a fact - that Governor Scott Walker has a very liberal so-called "Republican" challenger for a Republican primary.  A "fake" Republican.    His name is Arthur Kohl-Riggs and he has been an active protester around the Capitol.  Check out his website at:  (Funny how the Dems objected to "fake" Democratic candidates,  yet nary a mention about this "fake" Republican candidate.)

This individual - Kohl-Riggs -  seems to have snuck in under the radar.  A brief article on him did appear in the Madison paper, The Isthmus.   In the column,  Kohl-Riggs states his two main reasons for running as a Republican (which he is not) candidate for governor:  1)  he wants to make sure that Republicans/conservatives cannot cross over and vote in the Democratic primary,  and 2) he wants to bring "honesty and humor" to the campaign process... 

Kohl-Riggs just barely managed to gather the required 2,000 signatures on nomination papers (after the GAB allowed him to run around the Capitol and collect more signatures AFTER the April 10th deadline, since Kohl-Riggs did not have enough valid signatures to begin with.  (Ah, that unbiased GAB - ya gotta love 'em!  Kohl-Riggs filed an affidavit and eventually  turned in his papers on Wednesday, the 11th.).    He WILL be on the ballot opposing Governor Walker for the Republican primary for the recall election.  

 Why hasn't the media announced that Governor Walker will be facing a challenger for the Republican Primary spot in the upcoming recall elections?  If Republicans stay home and don't bother going out to vote for Falk or other Dems as cross-overs, they would never know about the Scott Walker/ Arthur Kohl-Riggs race.  Democrats could indeed cross over and vote for Kohl-Riggs.  Just a few thousand votes could eliminate Walker from the race, although the possibility of that happening is basically zilch once one gets outside of The Peoples Republic of Madison.

The Democratic Primaries are May 8th - we all know that.  The media has informed the public about this many times - in print, television, and radio.

The Republican Primaries are May 8th - many do not know this!  The media has not done a very good job of informing the public that Governor Walker has a challenger and is indeed in the Republican Primary.  This HAS been mentioned a handful of times on conservative talk radio, but face it, the "unbiased"  mainstream media isn't exactly rushing to get this news out.

(Click on this link to view a sample ballot for the recall primaries in the Appleton area:

Spread the word.  Governor Scott Walker DOES have a challenger in the upcoming primary on May 8th. Republicans and conservatives DO need to go to the polls to vote for Walker.  We voted for him once, we can do so again on May 8th and again in June.  (Maybe after three times of Walker winning,  the Democrats/libs/unionista's will finally concede and allow  the results of an election to stand!?!)

People should also contact the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and other news outlets and demand that they make the Wisconsin voters aware of this. 


Updated 4/25/12:  There is even more lack of honest information re:   the upcoming primaries for Governor: 

1)  The media continues to call the elections on May 8th "a Democratic election."  (620 WTMJ radio this morning on its news broadcast called it a “Democratic Primary”).  The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel is guilty of this, as are other news outlets.   We need everyone on the conservative side in Wisconsin to know that May 8 is not just a Democratic election, but an election for all legal voters in Wisconsin, Democrat and Republican.  I received an e-mail from a conservative patriot in West Bend, who said their county office, where they went to pick up absentee ballots, had a sign that read "Democratic Primary." The folks in the office did take down the sign after complaints and said they would be putting up a "General Election" sign shortly.

2)  No, the rumor is not true that you can vote for a candidate for governor in both the Republican and Democratic primary on one ballot.  One pick for governor only!

3)  Write-in's of Scott Walker's name will not be allowed, nor counted (on the Democratic part of the ballot).

4)  Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is NOT on the primary ballot for May 8th.  She has no primary Republican challenger.  Her name will only appear on the ballot in June.

Again, I urge you to contact the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and the television news stations in your area and demand that they actually do a bit of real, unbiased reporting and let people know that there IS a Republican Primary for Governor!  Walker IS on the ballot and does have an opponent.

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