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Mr. Franklin you were so right.

My wonderful conservative acquaintance, Paula, recently sent out an e-mail with her thoughts on the direction the country has been headed while Obama has been president.  She gave me permission to pass on her ponderings.  Thanks, Paula!


We have been hearing that the moment we have more takers than makers in our nation it is all over - usher in a permanent dependency class that has the voting majority.  The federal government has been growing the dependency class in many ways with food stamps, welfare, EBT cards, free school breakfast, lunch, and dinner, rent assistance, and heating assistance, to able-bodied citizens forever condemning them to a life with no accomplishment or fulfillment in doing for themselves.  Instead they grow more and more envious and bitter that the "rich" have a bigger flat screen than they do.  So much potential lost, so many lives lived in limbo - cashing a government check for no effort at all.

As with much of the news today I am saddened to see this article (see below).  This is not the course of a nation on the rise, this is the course of a nation in decline and a ruling class that is cheering it all on in the name of "fairness" and "redistribution."  I blame many Republicans in addition to the vast majority of the Democrat Party for ensuring a citizenry that owes its vote to the benevolent masters who give them free stuff.  I think that of the many statistics I have read recently, this is the most alarming of all.

How anyone with a slightly functioning brain can argue that growing our private sector, creating businesses and thereby jobs as a direct consequence,  is unfair to the poor?  Fairness, according to Mr. Obama, is taxing "the rich" more and more then giving that money to the poor in the form of government programs.  Programs that Mr. Obama will tell you the evil Republicans want to take away if they get the chance.  Mr. Obama wants us to believe that giving a tax break to a business owner or corporation who employ our citizens is class warfare.  The more successful our businesses the more citizens will need to be employed.  And this will trickle down to even more of our citizens that will get jobs to feed, clothe, and provide the products and services the working class will be able to afford in a thriving economy, thereby "lifting all the boats."

Mr. Obama wants us to believe that the dependency class deserves our help and I agree.  Let's help them get off the "crack" that is a government check.  Let's give them the opportunity to have pride and a sense of accomplishment in providing for themselves, not take what is given by the political elite who live lavish lives removed from the rules and laws the rest of us live under.

Ben Franklin had it right when he said: 

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

Today there are 21,300,000 (yes, that is 21 million) government employees - including a spouse or parent that would likely vote with them - government employees make up 32% of eligible voters in the United States.  Think these people will vote for someone that promises smaller government?


For another update on how Obama is growing the dependent class:

5.4 Million Join Disability Rolls Under Obama by John Merline, Investors Business Daily (4/20/2012)

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