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I predict...

Concerning the local and national political scenes, I have the following predictions:


1)  Governor Scott Walker will win the recall election.  

2)  Voter I.D. legislation will be upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and be back in place for the recall elections.

3)  The economic landscape in Wisconsin will continue to improve under Governor Walker's leadership.

4)  The Wisconsin media will continue its biased reporting against Governor Scott Walker and all things conservative.  

5)  Democrat Representative Tammy Baldwin will not win the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Herbie "do nothing" Kohl.  This seat looks good for either former Governor Tommy Thompson or Mark Neumann to win.


1)  President Barack Obama will lose the presidential race to Republican Mitt Romney.

2)  Republicans in the upcoming elections will win big, similar to the Republican tsunami in 2010

3)  The United States Supreme Court will rule Obamacare unconstitutional.

4)  North Korea, Iran, and other enemies of the United States,  will continue to thumb their noses at the United States (and the ineffectual and useless United Nations) as long as Obama is in office.

5)  The national media will continue its biased reporting against all things conservative.  They will step up their efforts to get Obama re-elected, to no avail.

While the upcoming year(s) look good for conservatives and Republicans, the damage that Obama has done to the country in less than four years is shocking.   Won't it be ironic when Mitt Romney becomes the next president and can honestly blame many of the nation's current ills on the past "leader?"  

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