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High schoolers out-chant the anti-Walker unionistas, hippies, and assorted misfits at the State Capitol

High schoolers stand with Walker!  The anti-Walker zombie sing-a-long crowd (that seems to have waaaay too much time on their hands to hang out at the capitol)  never saw 'em coming...     


(Unfortunately, not to be outdone, guess what the open-minded, compassionate lefties did?  Several got on the phone and called Sheboygan Lutheran High School, leaving "nice" messages for the Sheboygan Lutheran staffers...)

Stay classy, libs!  Just can't stand it when someone beats you at your own game. 

You can now go back to annoying staffers at the capitol on a daily basis.  Beat those bongos, smoke some grass, stay dirty, and sing your inane songs.  Believe me, your antics turn more people off than you can imagine.  In the People's Republic of Madison, you may be heroes.  To the rest of the state, you are just obnoxious.  You are a walking advertisement for keeping Governor Scott Walker in office.  In a way, we should be thanking you for making such a nuisance of yourself that even high schoolers felt compelled to chant you down.

Three cheers for the high schoolers from Sheboygan Lutheran High School!  Their simple words of "stand with Walker" really resonated with the majority of Wisconsinites.  The majority  who have chosen to remain quiet, civil,  and behind the scenes, just waiting to for the opportunity to "re-elect" Walker in a few months..  

Sweet justice.  

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