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Who is the Democrat base?

Following is an e-mail I received from a conservative acquaintance of mine, Paula (thanks much!).  She wrote this herself and, given the constant recall garbage, the Democrats killing thousands of mining jobs solely for potitical reasons,  and the take-over of the capitol gearing up again in the People's Republic of Madison, her write up is oh-so-timely:

Hey All -

We here in Wisconsin are in the middle of an endless political 
mêlée.   Over a year ago our state capital was occupied, there were 
mass protests, death threats to our Republican officials, vandalism, 
recalls and then more recalls and through it all the most vile, 
hateful, and divisive rhetoric I have ever heard.  Never in my wildest 
dreams did I think that moving from New Jersey to Wisconsin that I 
would be thrust into the epicenter of a colossal political battle - 
but here I sit!

The advantage of having my front row seat is that I have seen first 
hand the base - the foot soldiers - the loudest voices directing the 
Democrat Party.  I have made many visits to Madison during the past 
year.  I have attended rallies, read blogs on both sides of the isle, 
and will engage perfect strangers in conversation wherever I am.  The 
one observation I have made is this.  The vast majority of those that 
side with the current Democrat agenda here in Wisconsin consist of :

* The public employee union - teachers union, ASFME, etc.
* The academic elites both in Madison and of the greater ivy league 
* Environment radicals, those who will gladly use fear and lies 
instead of science and history to arouse opposition to anything they 
deem environmentally unfriendly.
* Socialists, Communists and statists.  I can say first hand that 
material for the Socialist Party USA and the Communist Party were 
freely being handed out in Madison during the protests. Speakers on 
these topics were       well received by the mob who were only too 
happy to spit their contempt for capitalism and profit.
* The Mainstream media of course the willing accomplice.  I have never 
seen so much one sided reporting of news.
* Dependent class.   Those who are being courted with more and more 
handouts for their votes.

Granted  I grew up in a conservative Republican household but I always 
thought that the differences between Republicans and Democrats fell 
mostly along the lines of what color shirt you wore to work, a white 
button down or a blue collar.  As I have observed the landscape over 
the past months I have come to realize that my original assumption is 
far from reality.  The Democrat Party has totally abandon it's blue 
collar roots.  It it now the party of the dependent, the elite and the 
public unions.  Just look at what is happening here in Wisconsin.  All 
16 Democrat State Senators voted against streamlining the approval 
process for an iron mine in Northern Wisconsin - against the will of 
the ten of thousands of private sector union workers who strongly 
backed the legislation.  The modern Democrat Party now finds itself a 
slave to those far left wing progressive groups that will not accept 
any variation from  it's agenda no matter how bad it is for those it 
claims to champion.  Just ask the local trade union guys who are mad 
as hell that this legislation went down because the Democrat Party 
thought it more important to not give Scott Walker a "win" than give 
good jobs to the working class.

So again I ask who is the Democrat base?   Those of you who are 
generational Democrats, those of you that come from hard working blue 
collar families - is this the party of your father?   Would your dad 
have agreed to kill off good paying family sustaining union jobs just 
to make a political point?   Would they have agreed with boycotting a 
local businesses that had a different political view than them, 
putting a neighbor out of work to make a political point?  Would your 
dad have agreed with making death threats against a co-worker who had 
the gall to not agree with you on signing a recall petition?  I am sad 
to say that this is my experience with the modern Democrat Party of 
Wisconsin - I am hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and civility 
and honor can be brought back to the process - but at this point in 
Wisconsin I am not holding my breath.

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