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Great news for Governor Scott Walker!

One million "Recall Walker" signatures?


Is anyone surprised?


"True the Vote" in conjunction with the "Verify the Recall" volunteers recently completed it's data input and  analysis of  Walker Recall Petition signatures. (The link to actual data can be found at:

Here's a brief breakdown of the numbers:

Total number of signatures submitted was approximately 800,000.

Number of pages (of recall petitions) submitted: 152,508

Number of pages processed: undetermined (based on what was provided by the GAB) 

Number of records processed: 1,382,058

Blank lines (on petition pages): 557,469

Unique records: 819,233

Incomplete/undecipherable records: 36,127

Signed w/date out of range: 14,763

Out of state: 4,718

Duplicate signatures: 5,356



TOTAL ELIGIBLE SIGNATURES based on data available: 534,685

(*signatures that were partially marked through, illegible, possibly false, mismatched or otherwise compromised)


Governor Walker may ask the Government Accountability Board to accept the findings of the "True the Vote" analysis.  Given the propensity for the GAB to go against any and all requests from the Republicans in favor of the unionistas and left, it is highly doubtful that the GAB will vote in favor of Walker.   The Tea Party may also try to present their findings to the GAB, and again, any true consideration to review the hundreds of thousands of signature issues involving the recall petitions will probably be ignored.

However - what is really important here (besides the fact that the anti-Walker folks did not turn in anywhere near one million signatures to recall Walker) is that come election time, perhaps a wee bit over 500,000 people may vote for Kathleen Falk or whatever other Democrat ends up challenging Walker.  It sure doesn't look like anywhere near one million-plus are rabid anti-Walker voters.  Things are really looking up for Governor Walker and all the people in Wisconsin who elected him.  This is a good day, folks, and I believe things will continue to get better.  Thankfully, with Voter I.D. in place, Wisconsin people can rest assured that only Wisconsin residents will be voting - and their vote will count (one time only, too!).

 And the good news continues on the national scene.   U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME)  has announced she will not run again for the United States senate!  Good riddance - Snowe has been nothing but a RINO and should have been booted long ago.  She tends to vote with the Democrats anyhow, so her loss is no big deal.  If a Democrat wins her seat, it's just an even exchange, nothing more.  (Hopefully when her term is up, fellow RINO Susan Collins - from the same state as Snowe - will also not seek re-election.) 

In addition, Obama's poll numbers continue to fall - even though he is trying his best to give Americans the false impression that the economy is really getting better.   It is!  Barry sez so!  Obama  has manipulated the unemployment/job numbers to support his false reality.   Yet, most Americans are seeing through the spin - according to the recent Gallup reports!  We are still at more than 9% unemployment.  13 million people are out of work.  The jobs aren't there.  The government is still prohibiting true job growth.  The government is growing.  Obama is waging the poor vs. rich war and it seems to be imploding on him.  And no matter how Obama tries to lie and sugar-coat things, it isn't working.  People got fooled once when they elected him.  They won't get fooled again.

It appears that Wisconsin and the United States will be moving forward - in a positive direction come election time.

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