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Is a Quran Summit in order?

The Apologizer-In-Chief was at it again a few days ago.

 And no, President Barack Obama was not apologizing to the American people for:

- ruining the economy

- a government power grab of the health care system (Obamacare)

- dissing America to any other country willing to listen

- attacking the Catholics with his mandate that Catholic institutions provide health care plans which cover  birth control to their employees, which goes directly against Church Doctrine 

- snubbing American allies in favor of our enemies

- ignoring the fact that 13 million Americans are unemployed

- gas prices that are rising faster than ever

- nixing the Keystone Pipeline, thus eliminating the possible creation of tens of thousands of real jobs as well as the opportunity to make the United States less dependent upon oil from the Middle East

- raising the Nation's debt

- weakening the military by severely slashing the defense budget

- putting more people on food stamps then ever before (45.8 million!)

- getting a DEA agent killed due to the"Fast and Furious" program which had the United States supplying Mexican drug cartels with weapons

- prohibiting offshore drilling in many key areas of the United States, including the east and west coasts

- encouraging the "Occupy" protesters

- being the most polarizing and divisive president ever- actually encouraging class envy with his obvious desire to make people more reliant on government and promoting an "entitlement" mentality

- suing the state of Arizona for a bill that enforces U.S. federal law

- the Solyndra disaster and subsequent failures of other "green" businesses that have no business even being in business - and handing such companies millions of taxpayer dollars in the process

-  employing dozens of  "czars" to help promote his socialist agenda, with little accountability required

- a government take-over of General Motors, including a $60 billion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout

-  the Stimulus Bill (aka "generational theft act") which did not create any "shovel-ready jobs" and saw unemployment levels rise above 9% (the true unemployment level is much higher today, in spite of Obama's manipulation of the numbers to forget about the millions of people who are not counted in the unemployment statistics, due to the fact they have stopped looking for a job)

- supporting a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero

lack of support for Israel

-  strong ties with ACORN, Reverend Jeremiah "God Damn the United States" Wright, former members of the Weather Underground:  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, Tony Rezko (currently in the slammer), and many others in the socialist/communist, anti-American crowd

...and so on.  There are just so many things that President Barack Hussein Obama could apologize to the United States for, but don't hold your breath. 

No, the most recent apology from the Apologizer-In-Chief was directed at Muslims in Afghanistan. 

The White House issued an apology on February 21st (Tuesday)* because a few Qurans were accidentally burned after they had been removed from the shelves of a detention center library, near the Bagram Air Base.  A United States military official acknowledged that the Quran's and other Islamic reading materials were removed from the detention center because they contained inflammatory rhetoric promoting extremism, and that detainees were writing on the documents to exchange extremist messages.  Several hundred Islamic publications, including Quran's were taken off the shelves.  U.S. General John Allan stated that the books were mistakenly given to troops to be burned in a garbage pit.  During the course of the burning, Afghan laborers noticed the Quran's and took them out of the fire, saving almost all.  Initial reports stated that four Qurans were burned.

Well, even after the White House Apologizer-In-Chief said America was sorry for this grave mistake,  it looks like all hell has broken loose in Afghanistan.  Two American soldiers were gunned down during the first protests.  Demonstrators in Afghanistan protested outside of the air field, yelling "die foreigners, die!,"  shooting rifles into the air, throwing rocks at the gates, and setting tires on fire.  Numerous American flags have been burned.  The outrage continues to grow, as the week goes on - with demands that the United States leave Afghanistan.   Mohammad Qasim Sediqi, leader of the Khosi district council stated that "Apologies are not enough.  The culprits have to be put on trial and culprits should face the law." 

As for President Obama handling the situation, perhaps a "Quran Summit" at the White House is in order.  Get the troops who accidentally burned a handful of Qurans to sit down over a beer....(oops, that wouldn't work - sorry!) sit down over some non-alcoholic beverage, and meet with some of the leaders of the Afghan protests.  Obama can serve up some peanuts, apologize again, make the troops apologize, (give the Afghans a free pass about burnt American flags/wounded and killed American soldiers, etc.) and hope for the best. 

On the other hand, maybe Obama should nix the "summit" and stop apologizing to extremists who wish to kill us.  Let the American military do its job without having to worry about "offending" extremists, and Afghans - who the United States is protecting with the troops and taxpayer dollars. 

(*As a side note, the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel finally saw fit to run a story on this 2/24/12, when the Quran burning and subsequent apology from the White House came out on 2/21/12).

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