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Andy Kristensen

A Day in Ion Square

 A subtle blend of politics, sports, and music blended together and seen through the eyes of a young adult.

Walker-Gate: Wisconsin's Most Recent and Developing Scandal

 I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been quite busy personally and I’ve been waiting for this whole John Doe thing to be blown completely wide open. While I’m still as busy as ever, the whole John Doe thing is now starting to become a monster that I believe will eventually someday be known as Walker-gate.

Anyone who is still defending Walker at this point is downright unintelligent. I’ve tried to think of ways to say that nicer, but I just can’t. The man is clearly involved in the illegal things that have been going on since the time he was elected to County Executive, and almost no one can honestly believe otherwise. So far, 4 of his aides/people he put into positions of power have been indicted on various counts of corruption, fraud, and money laundering. Two of them sicken me the most, as I have a friend who is in the Air Force and I don’t tolerate anything that has to do with ripping veterans off. Great people Walker chooses to trust running county/state programs, huh?

The simple fact that Walker’s former assistant chief of staff is involved with this whole scandal makes the story to seem pretty much over- Walker knew about the vast majority of the things that were going on. It would be ludicrous to think that he wouldn’t have known about all these things, as shown by how close to him some of these indicted people were/are.

All that the prosecutors need now is evidence to charge good ol’ Scotty with some charges of corruption, voter fraud, bribery, or other various illegal crimes and throw him out of office. Recall? Think more like resignation.

What kind of evidence could they use to do this? Supposedly, according to one of his former aides, there was a massive network set up on the side that Walker’s aides ran to talk about all the illegal things they were doing, i.e. campaigning on county time, taking kickbacks, soliciting support, etc. A major part of this network was numerous amounts of e-mails sent back and forth between people within it. Supposedly, some of these e-mails claim that Walker knew what was going on and was giving instructions accordingly. However, the funny thing is that these e-mails have magically disappeared. According to former aides, orders were given to disable the network and delete and erase all traces of it once Walker started his campaign for governor, or right after he was elected governor. If one of these aides testifies about these e-mails or can somehow produce them, that’s game over.

Scott Walker should stop with his gimmicks as well. He’s trying to play Mr. Innocent and emphasize the fact that he is cooperating with the law. Really sir? Why’d you just hire two defense lawyers then? An innocent man who shouldn’t have to prove anything (as he’s claimed he is) has no use for defense lawyers. Something is fishy here….

Going along with that, a phenomenal article was published in the Journal Sentinel yesterday explaining some quotes Scott Walker made back in 2006. During that year, a former aide of Governor Jim Doyle was charged with corruption and found guilty. When it was made public, Walker made a HUGE stink about it, saying Doyle should be held accountable because it was his aide that was charged. Walker went on to say that anyone even remotely close to the Governor is his responsibility, and he used this line to attack Doyle before losing the eventual GOP nomination. Hmmm, wait a second. Scott Walker said that if a politician’s aides are found guilty of breaking the law, they should be held accountable? WHAT?!

Yea, good job being a hypocrite Scotty. 6 years ago, Walker stated that politicians should be responsible for their aides’ behavior and resign if they break the law. Walker, however, has done the exact opposite of that. Instead of accepting responsibility and resigning, Walker is denying and staying right where he is. Seems like a bit of a flip-flopping, law-breaking, long-nosed Nixonian if there ever was one! 

Either way, Walker will, eventually, be charged in this John Doe thing if they can find the electronic evidence. When it happens, the whole house of cards that Walker has built over the last year will come tumbling down. I just hope there’s a good politician, a uniter, who will be able to swoop in and heal the divides that Walker has created.

Kathleen Falk isn’t it. Tammy Baldwin isn’t it. Tommy Thompson or Russ Feingold, I’m looking at you at people just like you. They aren't perfect, but man, they brought people together if people would just listen to them.


P.S. Glad to see Tom Brady suck the big one last night. I don't care for Eli too much but I still hate Brady and his Cheating Coach more than anything.

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