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"We thought more about the next generation than we did about the next election." - Governor Scott Walker

Following Obama's clunker State of the Union Campaign Speech the night before, Governor Scott Walker's  State of the State speech was a breath of fresh air and inspiration.

While President Obama simply dusted off his tired rhetoric from last year, bloviating for an hour and a half promoting class envy and the need to make more people reliant on the government, Governor Walker was the polar opposite. 

"We are turning things around.  We are heading in the right direction."  - Governor Walker (1/25/12)

Unlike President Obama, Governor Walker had some real accomplishments to discuss. 

   -  after three years of 150,000 job losses, the state helped create thousands of jobs this year and the states unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2008

   -  under Walker's leadership, the state balanced a $3.6 billion dollar budget deficit while avoiding mass layoffs and billion dollar tax increases.   

   -  for the first time in years, many  K-12 property tax rates are down

   -   the private business climate in the state has improved to the point where 94% of job creators believe Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.  (Two years ago, only 10% of job creators thought the same thing.)

   -  added $1.2 billion dollars to Medicaid and expanded Familycare

   -  developed the "Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Elimination Task Force" to protect taxpayer dollars and make sure taxpayer monies are being spent wisely

   -  added focus on improving schools and ensuring that children have access to a great education

For each of the key points mentioned above, Governor Walker had numerous examples which you can read at:

I was able to listen to Walker's speech on the radio, meaning I did not have the added luxury of witnessing the disruptive and obnoxious behavior of the anti-Walker crowd in the Capitol rotunda (who are so concerned about ""civility"  - wink wink).  Several of those who simply couldn't abide by the rules while Walker was speaking had to be led away and arrested.  One person shouted out "liar" during Walker's speech and I couldn't help but laugh.  The absurdity of it all is simply amazing.  I wonder how many of the anti-Walker folks truly realize how many people are turned off by their childish antics, boorish behavior, and tantrums.  It's getting old, folks, especially since more and more people are beginning to notice how Walker's reforms ARE working!!!

In closing, here are Governor Walker's State of the State final remarks:

"Moving forward I believe that the spirit of Wisconsin will help us improve the state of our economy, the state of our budget, the state of our schools, and - ultimately - the spirit of Wisconsin will help us all improve the lives of each and every citizen in our great state.

Now is the time for action.   Now is the time to get our state working again.  Now is the time to move Wisconsin forward."

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