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No honor in recall effort.

Gosh, tons of Scott Walker recall petitions – with billions (or is it millions?  the numbers keep going up) of signatures (many of them soon to be weeded out as duplicates, invalid, fraudulent, from out-of-state, signed by Mickey Mouse, Adolph Hitler, or people known as “X”,  from the grave, or stolen from people who had no intention of signing such garbage) were dumped at the Capitol in Madison today. 

The recall process is on!

Doesn’t matter that Governor Walker is one of the best – if not THE best – governor this state has ever had. Named  “Governor of the Year.” Highlighted by Nick Shultz in USA Today who wrote an article devoted to the many accomplishments and staunch leadership abilities of the governor . Governor Walker has turned this state around – made it fiscally sound, without raising taxes forcing anyone to lose a job. Incredible. And for this – a recall effort??? In the future, other governors will find themselves emulating Governor Walker if they wish to save their states from fiscal ruin.  Why in the world would anyone - with an ounce of common sense or level of sanity - want to recall Scott Walker?

This brings me to a letter I read on the Opinion page of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (Monday, 1/16/21). The writer deserves applause for summing up the Walker recall efforts and Walkers accomplishments.


If the liberals were still in charge, they’d jack up taxes and “stay the course” former Governor Jim Doyle set us on. You know, the course that put us $3.6 billion in debt. Governor Scott Walker has had the courage to make the tough but necessary calls to fix the problems he inherited. The Republicans, in less than one year in office, set an unprecedented example by fixing the fiscal train wreck Doyle left us.

The recall attempts seem more about defending the failed status quo rather than fixing or even acknowledging the problems. Handing the keys back to the Democrats will return Wisconsin into the downward spiral of reckless government spending, tax hikes, lucrative union relations in government, a hostile business climate and a general disregard for the taxpayer. Why should the private sector not only carry the burden of the recession but the lofty union costs, too?

So here we are again, facing another attempt in which liberals attempt to sleaze their way back into power by trying to recall Walker and other Republicans. There’s no legitimacy, respect, righteousness nor honor in the cause to recall Walker. The recall process was intended for removing politicians guilty of corruption and criminal acts. But shameless bullies, the recall supporters, are abusing the process because they simply disagree with Walker’s policies.

-          Donny Burke,   Oshkosh, WI

Bravo, Mr. Burke. I’d also like to add what the recall effort is really about. The Democrats and Obama in Washington D.C. and the federal government need the unions. The unions provide big $$$ to their political coffers – via forced union dues from members who have no choice whether or not they even want to belong to a union. Governor Walker has curtailed this practice – nipping it in the bud. Giving people a choice – the freedom to decide whether or not they want to belong to a union in the first place. The freedom to decide whether or not they want union dues automatically deducted from their paychecks – to go to the union leaders who in turn can give it back to the Democrats. Very simple. Connect the dots. Think President Obama and unions all over the country aren’t focused on Wisconsin at this very moment? Think again. 

Also, one big question people need to ask themselves – is the State of Wisconsin better off today – after a year of Governor Scott Walker – than the Doyle years?   If you don’t answer “yes” – you aren’t being honest.

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