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As a veteran political observer, I have been encouraging myself to comment on the current primary battle among the Republican presidential hopefuls. With a red face, I confess that I am singularly uniinspired. This is a lackluster group of wannabe's to say the least.

My personal favorite, Herman Cain, sadly is gone. I liked him mainly because he was a black conservative, which gave liberal black apologists like Eugene Kane fits. I did like his political philosophy, though. Predictably, Democrats managed to dig up irrelevant dirt on him, primarily I think because they feared him, and picked him off.

I sort-of liked Michelle Bachman, but she impressed me as a lightweight and not what I would think of as being presidential material. (No, that's not sexist!) Anyway, I couldn't stomach another Michelle in the White House. (Joke!)

Newt is a seasoned politician and a pretty knowledgeable guy, based on his television commentaries, but I think he's got more baggage that Southwest Airlines, which would make for a field day for the opposition. Also, I don't like his immigration stance. I don't believe amnesty in any of its permutations is the answer, at least not without first achieving firm control of the border.That also goes for the linguistically-challenged Rick Perry.

Next we have the Democrats' favorite RINO candidate, Mitt Romneycare. I'm not a fan of Mormonism but that's not the real issue, just as Catholicism was not an issue for JFK. I don't see him taking marching orders from the Grand High Poobah in Salt Lake City. I do think he will and has say/said anything to get elected. Not that that's unusual in politics today, but I think Mitt wants it so bad he will compromise any of his core principles to reach his goal. I simply don't trust that. Maybe I'm still spoiled by Reagan who stuck to his principles no matter what.

I have little to say about Ron Paul. I consider Libertarians as being basically unrealistic. Having the goal of significantly reducing the size of government is a little like the Man of LaMancha going after windmills. (Actually, that's not a bad idea today, but that's another subject.) I think he's a bit of a flake and--this really hurts me to say--too old for eight years in the White House.

Now to the current conservative darling, Rick Santorum. I'll be honest;  I simply don't know him or have a clear impression. I like what I read but don't put much credence in it. He's a possibility, but for now the jury's out. He's got Romney worried, which is a good thing.

So, where are we in this 7-ring circus? Okay, I'll say what many are thinking: A.B.O.---Anybody But Obama. I fear that four more years of Mr. Obama in power, without the constraint of re-election, is a clear and present danger to this nation. I don't think he likes the United States, at least not as a world superpower. I  characterized him during the campaign as an empty suit, and I stand by that. He is influenced by a small circle of advisors whom I do not trust. This will not sit well with many of you, but I fear for the survival of my country as I know and love it with four more years of President Obama.

So, I will vote for the Republican, whoever he turns out to be. I may again have to enter the polling place with a clothespin on my nose.  I know that's a bit irresponsible, but I don't see any other choice.

P.S. Maybe Hillary will find a way to bump him out. Hmmmm, interesting thought. That would make for a really interesting race.

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