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Walker initiated John Doe investigation

Wisconsin finally has a governor- Scott Walker - whom we can be proud of.  For the first time in many years, the state budget has been balanced - honestly.  No shell games.  No robbing from one fund to pay for another.  No accounting gimmicks, making it appear that the budget was "balanced" only to learn later that it wasn't and the state was deep in the red.  (Thanks Governor Doyle!)  In addition, our second amendment rights have actually been upheld - allowing citizens to carry guns if they chose to.  We also have the long overdue safeguard against voter fraud in place - yes, Voter ID has become a reality which so many of us wished for.   And the "car-speed" rail train, destined to soak taxpayers for years to come,  was derailed - exactly as Walker promised.  Taxes did not increase, and in many cases taxes went down.  Thousands did not lose their jobs in an effort to "balance the budget."  Private companies are finally finding an accepting, positive business climate in Wisconsin, rather than thinking of fleeing  the state due to excess rules, regulations, taxes, and fees.  Governor Walker clearly has brought back Wisconsin from the brink of disaster and the malaise of the Doyle years.

Walker has been a refreshing, energizing change for our state.  A true leader in every way.   Walker has done exactly what he promised.  No double-speak, lies, or misleading the people.  We got who we voted for.  Walker has stood firm in the face of reprehensible behaviors on the part of unionista's and the anti-Walker crowds, many whom are crying that their taxpayer-funded entitlements are being curtailed.  To get our house in fiscal order, the taxpayers of Wisconsin cannot keep paying for the premium health care, retirements, and pensions of government employees.  To do so is simply not sustainable.  Common sense and reality are finally prevailing.

The fact is, the majority of Wisconsin voters elected Walker.  Yet our votes at this time sure don't seem to matter, as the anti-Walker crowd wants to "disenfranchise" the many who elected our governor.  Guess that "disenfranchising" is OK when one doesn't like it that a Republican/conservative was elected and is enacting legislation that a minority don't approve of.  What blatant hypocrisy - but the left is famous for it.

So now the latest ploy in the anti-Walker campaign comes to fruition.

The long, drawn-out, John Doe investigation has finally reached somewhat of a conclusion.  The media, who kept tantalizing the public with allusions that Walker and Walker co-horts were going down with what seemed to be a never-ending "John Doe" investigation, finally reported the story.  Turns out that "Walker appointees" - Timothy Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh - were charged with embezzling more than $80,000.00.  The money was supposed to go to military veterans and their families. Only one key point in this story has been glossed over or ignored by the media:  the fact (yes, FACT) that County Executive Scott Walker AND his chief of staff - Tom Nardelli - were the two men who brought this criminal activity to the attention of the Milwaukee District Attorney - John Chisholm - in the first place. 

This bears repeating:  County Executive Scott Walker and his Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli helped set the whole "John Doe" investigation in motion! 

Yet, the media sure seems reluctant to mention this very important fact.  Why?  Aren't journalists supposed to report the who, what, why, where, when, and how for a story?  Why are they dragging their feet - or ignoring - the fact that Walker and Nardelli helped launch the John Doe investigation to begin with?  Does the media think this is somehow not newsworthy?  Imagine for one moment if there was a role reversal. Let's say that Jim Doyle had been the Milwaukee County Executive who started an investigation into bookkeeping concerns regarding Operation Freedom.  Doyle goes on to become governor.  After many months go by, the Milwaukee District Attorney discovers the embezzlement of funds meant to go to military families.  Now, does anyone honestly think the news media would not have printed large headines regarding how Doyle played a key role in initiating the investigation in the first place?  They would have tripped all over themselves to gush about what a hero Doyle was for bringing these two corrupt individuals to justice.  The whole case would have been presented as a big politic boost for Doyle.  Can the same be said for the way the media is treating Scott Walker? 

What is also puzzling is the fact that when employees are caught embezzling funds (like Russell and Kavanaugh appear to have been doing), the employer is usually blameless and left out of the picture.  In many cases, the employer (in this case, Walker)  is usually portrayed sympathetically as a victim (and rightly so) - having been taken advantage of by the criminal activities of their employees who they hired and trusted.  So why the over-use of the "Walker" name when reporting on this story to begin with?  It's as though the media, by dropping Walker's name in with Russell and Kavanaugh at every opportunity, hopes people think "guilt by association," when this could not be further from the truth.

Bias in the media?  An anti-Walker slant?  Most definitely.  Pay attention.  Realize what the media is trying to do.  Scott Walker - as County Executive  - questioned where funds were going after his chief of staff, Tom Nardelli, brought concerns about bookkeeping issues regarding Operation Freedom,  to Walker's attention.  Walker and Nardelli then asked the District Attorney to look into the situation.  Shouldn't Walker be given some credit for doing so?  Guess not, as the media has an anti-Walker template that they have to abide by.  Sigh. 

At least WE can get the word out.  Governor Walker is one of the best governors this state has ever had.  Walker is a man of real character, honesty, beliefs, and faith.  Walker is truly looking out for the people of Wisconsin.  This recent "John Doe" investigation is yet another example of Walker doing the right thing.  We must not allow him to be recalled by the misguided few who are only looking out for themselves, at the expense of all the taxpayers.

Walker deserves accolades for helping to initiate the "John Doe" investigation that eventually ended with the arrests of Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh.  He must not be  thrown under the bus with these two men as though he conspired with them to rob military veterans of funding.  That is not true, it never was, and the media should cease and desist in their obvious desire to smear Walker.  

Spin can only go so far.  In this case, spin is all the media has. 

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