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Tim Tebow Derangement Syndrome

Leftie sportswriters and other liberals are clearly suffering from a bad case of "Tim Tebow Derangement Syndrome."  This syndrome is very similar to the "Bush" and "Walker" cases - when people would burst a blood vessel and froth at the mouth, with no logical reason,  at the slightest mention of George W. Bush and Scott Walker.   Now, the same syndrome seems to affect those following the Denver Broncos newest quarterback:  Tim Tebow.  It is obvious that many in the sports world and beyond want Tim Tebow to fail.  They despise him.


Why the intense hatred?

Why the intense hatred from the self-proclaimed "open-minded" crowd?

Well, for starters, Tim Tebow has a very strong religious background.  (This fact alone causes many liberals to sneer.)  His parents were Christian Baptist missionaries.  His mother, while giving birth to Tim, was very ill and doctors recommended she have an abortion to save herself.   Instead, she chose to have her baby rather than have an abortion - a big no-no in liberal land.  And he actually made a commercial about how his mother "chose life" and wrote about it in a book.   Tebow was also home-schooled as a child, with a strong dose of Christian values included in daily lessons.

 Tebow also thanks God for his many athletic abilities.  Another big no-no for the anti-religion crowd.   And, in spite of the many naysayers who said Tebow had no business being in the NFL, he has proven them wrong.  He has led his team - the  Denver Broncos -  to many victories and has made the team a real contender in the NFL.  And don't forget, Tebow is only in his second NFL season.  He  started the last three games of the 2010 season and has been allowed to continue as the starting quarterback for the Broncos this year.   Tebow appears to be a strong leader and has the ability to inspire his team.  In spite of all of his attributes, however,  anti-Tebow sentiment still runs rampant among those who simply despise the fact that Tebow is religious and not afraid to show it.  

Just recently, an "open-minded, compassionate liberal"  - Bill Maher (a "comic" to a select few, and a "political commentator" to the left) tweeted the following after a Denver Broncos loss:

"Wow, Jesus just f***ed #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere ... Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them."

Can people such as Bill Maher sink any lower?  Only time will tell.  This is just a classic example of Tim Tebow Derangement Syndrome run amok.  Wonder if Maher tweeted anything when Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis was being tried for murder?  whenNew England quarterback Tom Brady or former NFL player Shannon Sharpe were impregnating women when not being married?  when NFL legend Brett Favre was texting pics of his junk to women other than his wife?  when Baltimore Ravens player Ricky Williams exhibited a fondness for smoking pot?   when  former Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick was arranging dog fights on his property? Did Maher see fit to tweet about such reprehensible and/or illegal behaviors? 


Why not?  Since when is bad behavior or breaking the law acceptable, but a man who lives a life according to Christian values must be mocked and ridiculed by the likes of Bill Maher?

 As for Tim Tebow, George W. Bush, and  Scott Walker, stay strong!  Live your lives according to your principles.  You are all admirable human beings and are to be commended, not condemned.  And if some lefties cannot stand that fact - all the better!  

You MUST be doing something RIGHT!!!

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