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Walker wins Governor of the Year!

I can’t imagine what is going in the minds of the public unions and their liberal, democratic puppets after this Walker accolade. I’ve pointed out many times as to the ignorance and pure hypocrisy with this recall garbage the liberals are trying to push on our state and us tax payers. All because our Governor wants to do what most every state in America is trying to do or will have no choice soon: stop the blatant and out of control spending with regards to the public union benefits. Cities are defaulting on their debt and some states are close to bankruptcy. Yet all our Governor wants is to make our state employees pay “their fair share,” and much less than the private sector pays, into their health and retirement plan. Yet these democrats and their campaign financing unions think the world is coming to an end. Go for it Governor!

Governor Of The Year – Scott Walker

By GoJo Staff on December 23, 2011

(Madison, WI) – In 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker(R) served as the embodiment of the state by state battle to balance budgets and the best symbol of the struggle between the two political parties about how best to meet those fiscal challenges. His first year will extend well into his second year, quite likely culminating in a recall election to remove him from office.

This is why Governors Journal has selected Scott Walker as the 2011 Governor of the Year.

For the full story.

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