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About those October job losses...

Let's face facts.   Anytime you pick up a copy of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, it is a given that there will be at least one or two (or maybe even more) stories bashing Governor Scott Walker.  It is expected - and the paper never ceases to disappoint.  (On slow news days, the paper will resort to mentioning the "on-going John Doe investigation involving a Walker staffer."  Much ado about nothing, but it keeps the anti-Walker drumbeat going.)  

You might ask why?  Why such an obvious vendetta against one of the greatest governors this state has seen in a long time?  Why such blatant disregard for presenting all the facts, glossing over the truths - all in an effort to keep many readers ignorant and uninformed - so they can just nod in agreement that Walker is the devil himself? 

Well, there are several reasons the Milwaukee/Journal Sentinel despises Governor Walker.  Here are what could be considered a few of the most pronounced: 

1)  The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel is a biased newspaper.  It leans so far left that even in the sports pages one can find the occasional nasty references to past president George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. Governor Walker is a conservative.  The news reporters (otherwise known as card-carrying members of the Democratic Party) hate conservatives.

2)  Governor Walker does not believe the solution to every issue lies in raising taxes.  He is against raising taxes.  This philosophy flies in the face of the Democratic Party and the left - whose only answer to any problem is to raise taxes.

3)  Governor Walker did several things that the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel did not agree with at all. 

     a) Governor Walker killed a pet project of liberals.  The "car-speed" rail project, which would have     cost millions upon millions of dollars, was de-railed - by Walker - as promised.

     b)  Governor Walker signed a bill allowing for Voter ID.  Another big no-no that went against the crowd whose motto seems to be "vote early, vote often."  For the first time in many years, Wisconsinites may be assured that their vote does count and hasn't been stolen by some nefarious, sleazy organization like ACORN or

     c) Governor Walker signed into law concealed carry.  Wisconsinites were clamoring for the right to enjoy the 2nd Amendment as do 48 other states.  Finally, the Constitution and common sense prevailed.  The people of Wisconsin got their right to bear arms, much to the dismay of those who only wanted the criminals to have guns.

   d)  Walker balanced the state budget - honestly.  For the first time in years!  No more shell games and stealing from one fund to pay for another.  The Ponzi scheme days of Doyle are over.  Walker has put Wisconsin in better financial shape than ever before.

4)  Walker, like most conservatives,  does not believe that  "entitlements" are a good thing.  The words "hard work" and "personal responsibility " seem very important to the Governor - as well as bringing back private businesses to our state.  He has to wipe out the anti-business climate that Diamond Jim Doyle established.  He has to fight against President Obama and his disdain for the private sector.

5)  Walker is for smaller government.  A real fact that irks the lefties/socialists out there.  Quite the opposite of Obama and other liberal politicians - who want to see bigger government and more people reliant on the government for their every need.  More people reliant on the government translates into votes.   

With all  this in mind, one key story that delighted liberals across the state was a report on the huge loss of jobs in Wisconsin for the month of October.  Although, certain facts recently came to light.

From the Wisconsin Business Journal (12/15/11):

Wisconsin actually lost 2,400 jobs in October, according to revised federal data, not the 9,700 that had been in earlier estimates.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics releases estimates on employment data and later revises them. In this case, Wisconsin job losses in October were 75 percent lower than first estimated, a change that drew a critical printed statement from Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson. Wisconsin is joining other states, such as Minnesota, to look for ways to improve the BLS data-collection methods.

Quite a difference.  Job losses in Wisconsin were 75% LOWER than initially reported.  Shouldn't this be a huge headline? or a big story about how inaccurate the job loss numbers for October were?

Now  the November (preliminary yet again) job losses report has come out saying that 11,700 jobs have been lost in Wisconsin.  Let's wait for the next correction on what the actual figures were.  They will probably be 75% lower if October is any indication on how accurate the Federal Government is in running the numbers...

Yet, the initial huge numbers of job losses sure is a good sound bite for those suffering from Walker Derangement Syndrome.  The Journal/Sentinel will run with it.  No question.  No problem.

(Lest we forget, a recent Employment Outlook Survey of businesses in Wisconsin reports that the job outlook for Wisconsin IS looking up - in the months to come.  For those decrying Walker's promise to help create  250,000 jobs - (saying Walker "lied" and broke his promise, remember - he's been in office a little over a year.)  Get Obama and the Dems out of the way and all bets are off.  Walker could indeed fulfill this promise - if allowed to!) 

And a teeny tiny retraction may be buried in the newspaper in a few weeks about the overblown November job loss numbers.... 

Hmmmm.  Wonder if the reporting on the "over 500,000" signatures collected for the Walker Recall petitions is over-estimated by 75%? 

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