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Help verify recall petition signatures!


From the website:

Sick and tired of being pestered by obnoxious out-of-state unionistas and other misguided anti-Walker drones working as recall petition solicitors?  Don't believe the validity of many signatures on "recall Walker" petitions? Wonder how many names will be duplicates, triplicates, and more?  Wondering if the deceased are rising out of the grave to sign the recall petitions (several times over)?  Think someone has signed your name (maybe often) to a recall petition when you had absolutely no intention of doing so?   Sick and tired of the recall process entirely? 

Remember when Obama became president, the left told us all that "elections have consequences?"  If this is true, as the Dems stated, then are you angry over the fact that the hyocrites of the left won't abide by their own words?

Here's your chance to do something about it!

The following paragraph is from the Verify the Recall website:

"..., We the People of the Republic and The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty have teamed up to organize an effort to check the validity of ALL signatures submitted in the ongoing gubernatorial recall! Software has been developed that will help identify duplicate signatures and other signature irregularities (questionable addresses, etc.). Additionally, individuals will be able to look up their name and address on a website to see if they have been included as a petition signor. By taking such efforts, we will be able to protect the integrity of Wisconsin's elections by ensuring that only legitimate Wisconsin electors are counted - once - as signors of petitions!

At this time, we are assembling a grassroots team of volunteers to assist with data entry into the database. There will be more than half a million names to enter into the database... Thankfully, we expect thousands of volunteers from across Wisconsin (and the nation) to sign up for this project! Because all data entry will occur online, volunteers will be able to enter data into the database from the comfort of their own home.

We will not be able to start entering data into the database until the gubernatorial recall drive is finished and the data is publicly available from the GAB. That said, in the mean time, we will assemble our grassroots team and conduct training sessions for our volunteers. Please sign up now if you're interested in participating!

So be sure to go to the website listed again:  to volunteer your time and typing skills to enter all recall Walker signatures in a database.  Once the database is established,  it will then be very easy to weed out the real signatures from the multiples, dead, out-of-state, fake, etc.  No amount of time you can give is too small.  Volunteers will be screened before working to ensure they actually want to do the honest work and not hinder the process via their own political agenda. 
Several thousand volunteers are needed.  In a very short time, 1,200 people have already registered on-line to help.   Let's make it several thousand more and work hard to help Governor Walker stay in office!  The man is  a hero - Governor Walker deserves to stay in office where he can continue to move Wisconsin forward!!!  Thank you!

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