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Tax levies in Wisconsin decrease for the first time in six years! Thanks Govenor Walker!

The State of Wisconsin has released the K-12 school tax levy numbers for  the 2011-2012 year.

Guess what? 

For the first time in six years, the school tax levies across the state have DECREASED by $47 million dollars.  After one year of Governor Scott Walker leading the way.

Contrast this with the past ten years under Governor Jim Doyle - tax levies increased an average of $162 million dollars each year, with the last five years seeing an average increase of $181 million dollars per year!  And remember, with all the increases in costs to the taxpayers, some school districts in the state still had to let teachers go and cut services.

With Scott Walker in charge, even with a decrease in tax levies, the school districts that utilized the tools of ACT 10 were able to maintain the same educational levels in their schools or actually improve them.  Schools were able to save teachers jobs, keep smaller class sizes, and not cut services.  In many instances, schools even hired new teachers!

So now we have a simply ludicrous attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker?  WHY?

Our state has a truly balanced budget for the first time in years.  The days of the Doyle shell-games with the budget are over - finally.  Walker managed to get us out of the financial mess Doyle had left the state in. 

For all the panic, doom and gloom, and misguided protests against Walker, our state is better off than ever before.

Again - WHY would anyone - with an ounce of common sense -  try to recall Governor Scott Walker?

All fingers point to the unions.  The unions that are upset that Walker has now allowed union members to have the freedom to decide whether or not to join a union - and pay union dues.  Without those dues coming in, the unions will have less money to funnel towards the Democrats and Democratic causes.  That is ALL that this is about.

What is really reprehensible is that some found it perfectly AOK to go protest in front of Scott Walker's house in Wauwatosa and set up tables for signing recall petitions.  Have they no sense of common decency?  Walker is in Madison.  Is it really necessary to go parade up and down the street in front of his family home?  Raising a stink in front of his wife and children?  Are the families of Republican politicians fair game - just like Sarah Palin's?  Disgusting.    

Where were any protests or recall attempts when Governor Jim Doyle was bleeding the state dry?  Oh, that's right.  Doyle was in the pocket of the unionistas.  And even though many of us were very unhappy with Doyle (for years), we accepted the consequences of the elections.  We didn't try to recall Doyle and/or any other Democrat simply because we didn't like the legislation they were creating or the taxes they were raising or the fees they were imposing or the phony budget balancing act year after year.  We didn't pout and behave like little children who didn't get their way.  We waited until the next election cycle to vote for a better candidate.

Rather than sitting back and allowing out-of-state unionistas to come in and spend millions working to recall a governor who is doing a great job for our state, be sure to fight back. 

Let Governor Scott Walker know the majority of true Wisconsinites support him.    The contact information is as follows:


Address:  Office of Governor Scott Walker

                 115 East Capitol

                  Madison, WI  53702

Phone:  (608) - 266 - 1212

 Does anyone really want to go back to the days of out-of-control spending, high taxes and fees, and the dismal days of Doyle? 

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