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The smear campaign begins...

GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has become the first to fall victim to the media campaign to smear and destroy GOP front runners for the presidency in 2012.  

Out of nowhere,  allegations of sexual improprieties against Cain have surfaced - made by three anonymous sources.   Why did the media immediately jump on such allegations as valid - without question - and continue to lend credibility to very vague and unsubstantiated claims by three sources unwilling to come forward?  The day-to-day attention devoted to this is incredible.

Compare the Cain stories to how the media turned up their noses at the serious claims of rape and sexual gropings regarding Bill Clinton.   During Clinton's terms as a Governor of Arkansas, and later at the President of the United States, several women - using their own names - stepped forward to bring to light the sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton.  Initially they were ignored. After days and weeks passed, their stories were shrugged off - discounted.  Eventually,  these brave women were targeted by the press as bimbos and trailer trash.  Never mind as to whether or not their claims had substance - and in many cases they did.  There was a pattern of sexual misconduct that Clinton apparently adhered to for years.  However, what happened?   

In regards to the several women who came forward with different sordid stories on Bill Clinton's sexcapades, ABC anchor Charles Gibson  stated on the air "why does anyone care what this woman (Paula Jones)  has to say?"   Newsweek editor Evan Thomas called Jones "some sleazy woman with big hair."  Then there was Gennifer Flowers - whom Clinton denied having an affair with at first, but later admitted to in his book "My Life."   The press ripped her to shreds, never caring what her side of the story was.   Kathleen Willey and Juanita Brodderick also were targets - subject to ridicule and harassment on behalf of a media intent on protecting Clinton.  Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp were others who suffered the wrath of the media and left.  The press did all they could to defend Bill Clinton.  The press did all they could to demonize and discredit all of Bill Clinton's accusers - and there were a lot of them!

Remember John Edwards?  Seems that many news outlets knew of Mr. Edwards affair while on the campaign trail in 2008, yet refused to report it.  They wanted Edwards around to cancel out Hillary Clinton's chances for the Democratic presidential nomination, since they wanted Barack Obama to become the Democratic nominee.  They sat on the story long enough in order for that to happen.

Why the double standard?  What Herman Cain is supposedly accused of - by three unknown people with vague descriptions of what Cain supposedly did years ago -  pales in comparison to Slick Willie's recreational and criminal sex life and John Edwards affair (while his wife was suffering from cancer). 

So here we go.  Out of the blue, sudden allegations are thrown at Herman Cain by unknown sources.     After all, Herman Cain is everything the left despises.  A black conservative (the epitome of what the left really hates).  A self-made man who rose up out of poverty, went to college, was hired by several large corporations (Coca-Cola and Pillsbury- ah, those evil large corporations that liberals also bristle at),  who eventually ended up as the CEO of Godfather Pizza.  Cain became the CEO and President of Godfathers Pizza when the company was nearly bankrupt.  Cain took charge and made the company a success.  He went on to become the head of the National Restaurant Association.  So, a black conservative who didn't rely on entitlements, worked hard, achieved success, believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and is running for president as a Republican.   Evil on all levels! He's got to go! 

Liberals and Obama are scared of Cain.  Just like they are of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin.  Any strong conservative is a threat - to the liberal/socialist status quo and Obama. ( I like to compare Herman Cain to our own Senator Ron Johnson - a successful businessman who knows what it takes to get the job done and actually run a business.  Who isn't afraid of the government and is willing to take on the wasteful spending and idiocy coming out of Washington D.C. head on.)  Herman Cain is what this country needs.  If the press succeeds in taking him out with their National Enquirer methods of reporting, it would be a shame.  At least Mr. Cain isn't budging an inch - he's calling them out as he should and saying the allegations against him are not true.  They have been concocted by the left and the liberal media in an effort to take him out of the running.  The Democratic M.O. we have come to expect is in full swing.  Cain should continue to speak out against what the media is trying to do and not back down.

And if for some sad reason the media is successful in it's anti-Cain campaign,  think they'll stop?  No -  their next target will be Rick Perry.  After all, this situation is like the 2008 elections, when the media wanted John McCain to be the Republican nominee for president.  They knew he was the weaker candidate.  They touted him and wrote glowing endorsements on what a great guy McCain was - during the primaries.   As soon as McCain became the Republican candidate for president, the press turned on him.  They printed every damaging thing they could and then some.  McCain must have been shell shocked.   

The exact same thing will happen to the darling of the left right now - Mitt Romney.  The left wants Romney as the front runner, since they know if he wins the nomination, they can tear him from limb to limb with his "Romney-care" and flip-flops of the past.  Romney is another RINO and conservatives won't be too happy with him as a candidate.  Obama stands the best chance of being re-elected (I shudder at the thought - are there that many foolish people out there who would vote for this anti-American socialist AGAIN???) should Romney be the nominee.

With this in mind, Herman Cain needs to fight back and stand up to the media and their smear campaign.  If Cain goes down, Perry is next.  If Perry bites the dust, Romney will be the Republican nominee for President.  The Democrats will once again succeed in choosing the Republican candidate for the Republicans - with the help of the lamestream media, of course.  We must not let this happen.

Cain IS able! 

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