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The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

A few interesting statistics:


Number of Days: 40

Number of Arrests: 2511

Number of Arrests per Day: 62

Number of Public Defecations: 1

Number of Rapes: 4

Cost to Taxpayers: $3.2 Million (in New York alone)


Number of Days: 984

Number of Arrests: 0

Number of Arrests per Day: 0

Number of Public Defecations: 0

Number of Rapes:  0

Cost to Taxpayers: $0.00.

No matter how the media tries to spin this one, the Tea Parties and the Occupy Wall Street movement are NOT the same.  In addition to the stats mentioned about, more glaring differences:

 - the Tea Parties want less government - the Occupy Wall Street crowd wants more.

-  the Tea Party supports capitalism - the Occupy Wall Street crowd supports socialism/communism.

-  the Tea Party members and supporters are not looking for, nor expecting handouts.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd feels entitled - to any and all government handouts.  Everyone owes them a living.

-  the Tea Party members clean up after themselves.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd feels someone else can clean up their messes.

-  the Tea Party supports the United States.   It is questionable what Occupy Wall Street protesters even think about the country they live in.

-  the Tea Parties usually had to be held on weekends because most Tea Party members/supporters actually work during the week and have responsibilities.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd appears to have lots of free time to camp out in parks and other public places.   They make life miserable for whatever city they decide to squat in - for days and weeks at a time.

-  the mainstream media has provided very favorable coverage of the Occupy Wall Street crowds.  The same cannot be said for their reporting on Tea Parties.  (Could this be because the Occupy Wall Street crowds tend to be liberal/socialist?  and the Tea Party tends to attract conservatives?).

And last, but not least:

Guess which group the President of the United States -  Barack Hussein Obama -  supports???

Occupy Wall Street.     (Does this suprise anyone?)

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