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Walker stalled on paying more to pension!!!

Egads!  Witness investigative journalism at its finest -  the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel  has written yet another story on evil Governor Scott Walker - exposing one more lie in a series of his seemingly endless lies and unethical behaviors!  It appears as though Governor Walker didn't start IMMEDIATELY paying more for his state pension like he promised during his campaign.  It's a wonder Walker hasn't been impeached or sent to the slammer!  The horrors!

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (10/15/11) writes:  Walker stalled on paying more to pension.

It is only after reading the entire article that the truth comes out:  over the course of Walkers' four year term, he will eventually end up paying more than he even promised to pay on the campaign trail towards his own pension.  This will be because of Walkers' own legislation raising pension contributions.  As a side note, Walker only stated during his campaign for Governor: 

"As governor, I'll pay my share toward my retirement because everyone should pay their own way, including me." - Scott Walker.  Walker IS doing so.  Did Walker ever mention a timetable?  saying that immediately upon election he'd start funding his own pension?  It doesn't appear so.

Of course the Democratic Party is outraged!  How dare Walker promise to pay more for his own pension and then not start until seven months into his term!!!  What a scoundrel!  State Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski remarks:  "Walker's promise to pay more later didn't make up for his delay in paying the higher contributions.  It's another thing he lied about."  Sure, Graeme.  Where were you when one of the most unethical governors our state has ever seen was in charge?  Diamond Jim Doyle - the one who never met a budget he could honestly balance?  the one who had shady train dealings going on - leaving the taxpayers and Walker to clean up the mess?  The one who lied to us all about not raising taxes?  The one who left Wisconsin deep in a red financial hole. 

The hypocrisy from the left just keeps on coming - and getting even better. 

And right now, it is estimated that Governor Walker will contribute $34,108.00 back to the state over his four years in office.  More than Walker had even promised to begin with.  What did Jim Doyle ever give back?  Tom Barrett?  Chris Abele?  

So for some reason, this IS a big story.  Help me out here.  I just don't understand.   Governor Jim Doyle can steal, lie, tax and spend, run the state into the ground and we don't hear a peep from the Journal/Sentinel or Dems - yet Scott Walker is a bad guy because he didn't start to IMMEDIATELY contribute to his own pension plan???  And lets not get started on all the lies coming out of the even higher-ups in office at the federal level - like President Obama.  Somehow THIS  is an honest-to-goodness "gotcha"  story?   Incredible.

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