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Occupy Wall Street - please!

Remember when Tea Parties sprang up all across the country in response to the very valid threats to our Constitution and democracy emanating out of Washington D.C. from President Obama and his fellow Democrats/socialists?   

The reaction of the media and left was to immediately demonize such protesters.  They were called Nazis, right-wing nut jobs, homophobes, racists, bigots, and all the usual nice terms the self-proclaimed "open-minded" libs like to use whenever they cannot deal with facts or common sense.

Contrast that with the latest groups rising up across the country protesting - of all things - Wall Street.  (Yes, when unemployment is near record highs and the economy stinks, it really makes perfect sense to protest Wall Street!   In some peoples minds, Wall Street represents greed.   It represents all kinds of corporations making profits (another no-no) off the backs of the poor working stiffs...   But on the flip side, doesn't Wall Street also represent JOBS???  All these evil, corrupt corporations - bent on raking in the bucks while forcing the masses to do their bidding, cracking the whip,  taking advantage whenever they can ...

 Perhaps it would help to mention that all the evil corporations Obama wants to destroy - like big oil -  provide jobs which in turn provide for the livelihoods of millions of Americans...  Guess in Obama's world, the only really "good" companies are those that take taxpayer dollars and fail -  like Solyndra...)  

So now we have people with way too much time on their hands demonstrating on Wall Street.  What exactly they are really protesting is confusing - even to many of those participating.   Is the media demonizing them like they do the Tea Parties? 

No.  Not a chance.

In fact, President Obama and his sidekick,  Joe Biden, are even empathizing with the Occupy Wall Street crowd (also known as "The 99 Percent Movement").  Obama stated that "it (the Wall Street protests) expresses the frustrations that the American people feel" and that "the same folks (meaning Republicans, of course) who acted irresponsibly are trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place.  So yes, I think people are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works."  

 It is easy to translate what Obama means:  the private sector is greedy and the government and the people need to work to destroy it.  Only then can the United States be transformed into the happy socialist country that Barack Obama longs for.  So Obama supports this - because such protests continue to add fuel to his desire to pit the rich against the poor, promote envy and jealousy, put forth the idea of the haves against the have-nots.  Obama is the great divider and it is no surprise that he would come out and agree with the anti-Wall Street stance.

Concerning the protesters themselves - the aging hippies, unionistas, college students,  adult children living in their parents basements with nothing better to do, and other miscreants - clearly they need to feel relevant.  They are losing ground all across the country.  They are losing clout.  They are not being taken seriously by most people who work hard and appreciate the United States for what it represents.  In fact, it isn't much of a stretch to say that the "Occupy Wall Street"  protesters have become laughing stocks - providing amusement for those of us who sit back patiently, waiting for 2012 to come around so we can take our country back.  We see these goofballs on the nightly news - with the liberal news anchors breathlessly touting that this movement is a response to the Tea Parties! It's powerful!  It's growing! (Must be a few thousand by now!)  The liberals are getting their groove back!   If the media repeats such garbage enough times, people may actually start to believe it!  Or maybe not...

NewsMax quoted Senator Rand Paul on Obama and the "Occupy Wall Street" movement:

“I see the president’s rhetoric of envy inflaming the public,” the Kentucky senator told Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano."

“I hope ultimately it doesn’t result in lawlessness where they say, ‘Gosh those nice iPads through the window should be mine and why don’t I throw a brick through the window to get them because rich people don’t deserve to have them when I can’t have one.’”

Obama said during his Thursday press conference that voters will “run Republicans out of town” if they refuse to pass his "jobs bill" (aka:  Stimulus Jr. - nothing more than another huge spending bill). He then expressed sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement which started in lower Manhattan three weeks ago.

Read more on Obama, Biden egging on Wall Street Protests 

However, Donald Trump summed up what about 99% of Americans think about the "Occupy Wall Street" protests:


Obama can have his "Occupy Wall Street" crowd.   Keep such idiocy going!  As with the protests in Madison, the  Occupy Wall Street movement will only serve to turn more people off.  The protesters will do nothing more than provide late-night fodder for talk shows and a few laughs at their own expense. 

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