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Who is Cindy Archer?

During the past few weeks, the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel has kept up a steady stream of stories on one individual:  Cindy Archer.  ("Woman interviewed for state job days after it was given to Archer"  - 9/24/11)  ("County Supervisors remember Archer as dedicated to Walker" - 9/17/11)  ("Archer profited when job shifted from civil service to appointment" - 9/17/11)  ("Archer hopes for state job later"  - 8/26/11) ( "Spokesperson for Walker granted immunity in John Doe probe"  9/24/11)   ("Sources say Van Hollen's office declined to help with John Doe" - 9/20/11)  ("Former Walker aide Archer says she has done nothing wrong"  - 9/15/11)

and so on...

What's missing is a real "smoking gun."  Cindy Archer, Governor Walker's former deputy administration secretary and former chief aide for Walker when he was the Milwaukee County Executive - has become a real target - for the left and media.  Why?

All the stories on Archer and her supposed misdeeds are puzzling.  What exactly did Archer do?  What is she accused of?  More importantly, why the John Doe investigation, on the federal level?  Supposedly the word has floated around that while Archer was the chief aide for County Executive Walker, she may have done "pro-Walker" work on the county dime.  Does this mean the woman needs to be elevated to "most wanted" status for some reason?

Hmmmm.   Looks kind of suspicious.  What is the real story behind this witch hunt?

Let's examine some facts.  Wisconsin - which had been a blue state - has gone red.  Conservatives and Republicans are in charge in Madison.  The state known for electing Democrats - and Democratic presidents - no longer is a reliable bet. The Obama Administration actually helped unionista's and the left with the protests in Madison during  the past few months of turmoil when Walker was working on major solutions addressing the state budget crisis.  As most in Wisconsin know, collective bargaining - and the stranglehold it put on state finances -  was one of the topics Governor Walker and the Republicans focused on.  Obama didn't want the unions to lose any power, since they are a big source of income for the left.  Obama's help, as with the protests in general,  fell flat.

The recall efforts by the unions and Dems, with lots of assistance from "outside sources" (i.e. The White House)  didn't get the desired results.

Joanne Kloppenburg - a big unionista favorite and darling of the left (with no judicial experience and numerous failed attempts to become a judge in the past) - lost the recent heated Wisconsin Supreme Court election to Justice David Prosser.  This was supposed to be an opportunity for the Dems and libs to put another individual on the bench who would manipulate the laws to fit an anti-Walker agenda.  Thankfully, the voters knew better and re-elected Prosser.   Another epic fail for the left and Obama.

Enter the evil twins - Wisconsin State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley - who concocted a scheme to discredit Prosser.   Choke-gate turned the entire court into a circus for a while and failed miserably to achieve the desired results of getting Prosser kicked off the bench.   When the truth came out, this silly episode became a "nothing to see, move along" moment.  Walsh Bradley ended up only embarrassing herself.

Victory after victory after victory has followed conservative and Republican politicians.  Legislation that many Wisconsinites had wanted for years finally became realities because the Democrats could no longer block such laws from happening.  Two such crowning achievements are Voter ID and Concealed Carry.  The state budget is finally in the black - after years of careless spending, raiding one fund to pay for another, and continually playing a shell game with taxpayer dollars (thanks, Governor Doyle!).  All of this has happened because Scott Walker was elected governor. 

The left is besides itself and is fighting a very desperate battle to remain relevant.  In order to do so, they need to manufacture such bogus "gotcha" moments to discredit Governor Walker.  Governor Walker MUST be brought down.  So, the left - with the help of the media and possibly some help from out of state by a president with a slim chance of being re-elected - are going after Walker allies.  The end result being:  Walker will be guilty by association.  The Democrats can then set their sights on returning to power in the state.  

Cindy Archer is only the beginning. 

As the November 2012 election looms near, the nastiness and spin will ramp up.  Think the bad behavior, intimidation, vandalism, threats, pushing and shoving, yelling, beer spilling,  bongo-beating, sing-a-long idiocy from the anti-Walker crowds in Madison was a fluke?    Given the win-at-all-costs methods we have seen from many on the left over the years, I doubt anyone would expect anything less.

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