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Will Solyndra be Obama's Enron?

Remember just a few short years ago when President Bush was connected to the Enron scandal by six degrees of separation and a lot of really hard trying by the press?    Enron, the giant energy company, had "cooked the books" to make it seem that they were doing much better than they actually were.  In fact, the company was failing.    And in the end, it's losses reverberated throughout Wall Street and on the national scene.  Somehow, the media managed to twist and spin and tie President Bush in to the collapse and shady dealings of the Enron corporation.  All of this because Enron had been one of Bush's biggest supporters - donating a bit over $700,000.00 over an eight year period.  So Enron was bad - and Bush was bad because he was associated - very loosely - with Enron. 

Now along comes Solyndra. Supposedly a cutting-edge green energy company - loved by the left, of course.   President Obama actually went and visited this company.  Obama and  VP Joe Biden spoke in glowing terms of this maker of solar panels.  Biden even said Solyndra would allow America "to compete and lead like we did in the 20th century."  Obama gushed that Solyndra "was a testament to American ingenuity and dynamism."  So Obama and Biden saw no problem in giving Solyndra a $500 million dollar federal grant - based on the fact they were a "green" company.  What happened?  Well, the American taxpayer lost $500 million dollars.  The company went bust.  Filed for Chapter 11.  Closed its doors.  Seems that Solyndra had never even turned a profit since 2005.  

(Remember when Obama came to Wisconsin and made an effort to visit another "green" company in Menomonee Falls?  ZBB Corporation welcomed the president with open arms.  Yet, here we have another energy company that does little more than lose money.    Is there a pattern here?)

Could Solyndra be Obama's Enron - or even much worse?  President Bush never gave taxpayer dollars to Enron.  He didn't have a whole lot to do with the company itself.  Yet, the press loved the idea that this evil big corporation - making money off the "little people" - took advantage of their status and robbed people blind over the long run.  So Bush was somehow to blame.  The mainstream media made it appear as though Enron CEO and Chairman,  Kenneth Lay,  was Bush's long lost brother.  

What President Obama and Vice-President Biden did has to honestly be viewed as much worse.  These two championed Solyndra.  They had no problem giving the hard-earned money of the American taxpayer to a rocky corporation.  They both possibly even knew it was doomed to fail.  Solyndra had a terrible track record.  The company had known issues with securing a permanent CEO of the firm.  The company hadn't made a profit in years!   Once the huge losses of $500 million - from the American taxpayer -  came to light, all the White House can do is say "oops?"

Hard-working Americans ought to be outraged.  However, it gets worse.  Right now, Obama and the Democrats are considering giving more "stimulus" funds to 15 other "green" companies.  It's a recipe for disaster.  Hopefully the Republicans in Washington D.C. will block this nonsense and protect our taxpayer dollars.  In these difficult economic times, made even worse by a president who refuses to do the right things to get America businesses back on track, we do not need to be giving more "stimulus" funds  to worthless companies that will only lose money in the long run. 

What is quite clear from all of this is that America will not begin to prosper until Obama is gone.  He is solely responsible for the dire economic times we find ourselves in right now.  He is standing in the way of job creations.  He is standing in the way of economic recovery.  The private sector is afraid of him and big government regulations.  They will continue to play it safe until he is out of office.  Then the hiring can begin.  Companies can grow.  The over-regulations of government can be reduced. 

Need more evidence that the commander-in-chief doesn't have a clue?  Obama's own words from last year regarding Solyndra:

“The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.”

The sooner Obama is out of office, the better off the American people will be.

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