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Could Wisconsin Republicans win two Senate seats on August 16th?

Tomorrow conservatives Kim Simac and Jonathan Seitz will be attempting to unseat two Democratic Senators - Bob Wirch and Jim Holperin in their respective districts in a special recall election.

Simac is running against Holperin in Senate District 16 - which is the Rhinelander/Eagle River part of the state.  She started up the Northwoods Tea Party in her area and is a strong conservative. 

Seitz is representing the Republican party in Senate District 22 - which is in the southeastern part of Wisconsin and includes Kenosha,  Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, and other areas.

After a devastating loss last week in the attempted recalls of six Republican senators, Democrats and liberals may not be very motivated to go out and vote to help Wirch and Holperin to keep their jobs.  This could bode well for Simac and Seitz - if Republican voters have a large turnout.  Maybe even some Democrats might want to send a message to Wirth or Holperin - by voting for the Republicans!

 Remember, months ago, these two "representatives" fled the state - Holperin and Wirth refused to be responsible and remain in Madison, representing their constituents by voting.  If these two would have been employed in the private sector and did the same thing, they would have been fired.  Well, here is the opportunity for the voters in District 16 and 22 to do the same!  Fire them - and hire conservative representatives.  Conservative representatives who will work to lower taxes, reduce regulation, and create jobs.  Who will continue to support Governor Walker and the Republicans as they bring back jobs and fiscal order to the state.

Simac's website touts her campaign slogan:  "A leader who won't run away."  Seitz is a businessman and knows how the private sector works.  Together, these two have the potential and experience to trounce Holperin and Wirch. 

 Even if you do not reside in either District 16 or 22, please contact friends, relatives, or anyone else you may know in these areas to get out and vote for Simac or Seitz.

Republicans have nothing to lose.  The Wisconsin Senate and Assembly will remain in Republican control despite whatever the outcome is on the 16th.  However, wouldn't it be sweet justice if the conservative candidates would unseat the flea baggers? 

Unlike the recall elections last week, where Republicans had to defend their jobs for DOING their jobs, now we have a recall election in which the two Democratic Senators fighting for their seats DIDN'T do their jobs - and ran away.  A REAL reason to have a recall!  Well, let's tell Wirch and Holperin that the voters in their Districts didn't approve of the way they shirked their responsibilities.  Let's not reward bad behavior.  They deserve to lose their seats. 

And if they don't - Shame! Shame! Shame!

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