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President Perry - sounds good to me!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to announce he is a candidate for the GOP nomination for president over the weekend.  Finally - the Republicans have a real candidate with strong potential.  A candidate who appeals to Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party.  Perry has experience.  He is a social conservative.  He has brought many jobs as well as economic growth to the state of Texas - similar to the plan our own Governor Walker has for Wisconsin.  He is pro-business and supportive of the private sector.  Governor Rick Perry will be the biggest threat to another Obama term out of any of the current GOP presidential wanna-be's. has said that Perry entering the race will "give the White House pause."  

Perry has something the current White House occupant doesn't.  Patriotism and a sincere respect for this country.  Just what we need right now.  Most of us are sick and tired of the anti-American attitude and lack of respect for the United States that keeps coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We are fed up with the obsessive promotion of dependency upon the government as well as the utter disdain for those who are successful.  We don't want the bigger government Obama envisions for us.  We want America to be exceptional once again.  We want America to be the leader - with people who are creative and take risks - to achieve great things.  We want freedom and smaller government.  We do not want the goverment to control every aspect of our lives and foster even more reliance on hand-outs, while personal responsibility and hard work become memories of the past. 

It really is looking like the malaise of the Carter.... oops....Obama years will soon come to an end.  Obama is too narcissistic and arrogant to consider a move to the middle, which could help him keep his job.  But Obama won't change - he refuses to believe that what he is doing is wrong and he doesn't know how to be a leader.  Let Barry Obama continue to live in his dream world.  His own words and actions will seal his doom as a one-term president.  Thankfully!

Oh sure, the lefties will gleefully point out that twenty years ago, Perry supported Al Gore.  Well, we all live through moments of stupidity.  Many conservatives used to be liberals or Democrats, then they grew up.  Just like Ronald Reagan, Perry also had been a Democrat!  Ronald Reagan even led a union at one time.  But guess what?  Reagan went on to be one of the best presidents this country has ever seen - as a Republican.

Rick Perry can do the same. 

President Perry - has a nice ring to it!

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