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Wisconsin IS open for business.

More bad news for the anti-Walker crowd.  Seems that the state of Wisconsin added over 12,000 private sector jobs during the month of June - an incredible increase and the largest single-month gain since eight years ago.

Governor Walker is on a roll!

First,  Walker's  Budget Repair Bill is proving to the naysayers that the educational system in Wisconsin would not be destroyed as the unions and lefties claimed.  Remember all the dire predictions of doom and gloom? We also heard over and over how  Walker hates teachers...Walker hates kids...Walker hates public education....blah blah blah.  Ad nauseum.  The protests in Madison were ground zero for the anti-Walker crowds to scream for all to hear how horrible and evil Walker was! 

And when it came down to it, none of it was true. 

The exact opposite.  School districts throughout our state are in better financial shape than many ever would have realized.  Schools did not have to fire teachers (with the exceptions of two school systems that shot themselves in the foot signing contracts before Walker was even Governor), nor increase class sizes, nor cut many of the "specials,"  and things are looking good for the coming budget year.  School boards now have the necessary tools needed to work out reasonable cost-saving measures and budgets for the present and the future.

Secondly, Voter ID has become a reality!  Just think, Wisconsinites can now go to the polls confident  that their votes are not being stolen by fraudulent means.  Our votes WILL actually count.  Honesty in elections!  What a concept.

Third, Walker and the Republicans supported the U.S. Constitution - specifically the 2nd Amendment - that 48 states always have enjoyed.  For whatever warped reasoning, Wisconsin citizens were always denied this right in the past.  Not anymore.  Responsible people who complete a gun safety course will now be allowed to conceal carry.  No longer will the criminals and thugs in our state have a monopoly on being armed.  We can actually have the ability to protect ourselves.

Now, back to the big news of the day. 

 Wisconsin IS indeed open for business.  Adding 12,900 jobs is no small feat, although the media and Democrats are trying to downplay this huge coup for Walker.  The jobs aren't good enough - they're "seasonal" (how they know this is unclear, and even if some of the 12,800 may be seasonal, they still are jobs, aren't they?  Someone is still working and receiving a paycheck!)  The media bias in this case is alive and well - wonder if the press would be trying to downplay this news if Doyle was still Governor???  Anyhow, Walker does deserve the credit.  Across the country, unemployment is unchanged under Obama, and the recession marches onward.  Yet, in Wisconsin, defying all the odds, 12,900 people found jobs!!!  

Please click on :   "State reports a gain of 12,900 private-sector jobs" from the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (7/22/11) to read more.

Given that nationwide, only 18,000 private-sector jobs were created last month, Wisconsin accounts for 66% of that figure.  The lone state of Wisconsin contributed the majority of new private-sector jobs across the country. Incredible.  Walker and the Republicans in Madison deserve the credit. What they don't deserve are recall attempts by misguided unions and liberals intent on kicking people out of office simply because they don't like what the elected majority has accomplished.

Asa side note, maybe President Obama should pencil in a "jobs summit" on his calendar to discuss job creation with Governor Walker.  He sure could learn a thing or two.  Unlike Walker,  Obama is perceived - with good reason -  to be anti-business, with many private business owners afraid of him and  his administration.  This fear prohibits many private businesses from future plans for hiring or growth.  Recently billionaire CEO Steve Wynn didn't hold back in bashing Obama for his economic policies, rules, and regulations which hinder private businesses from growth and success.  Read more at:  "Casino Magnate Steve Wynn trashes Obama" from CNN Money.  Here's a few excerpts:

"I'm saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime," Wynn said in response to a question about Las Vegas real estate.

"The guy [Obama] keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest or hold too much money.  We haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists."

But Wynn said he could be doing even more if not for Obama.  His company alone could add 10,000 jobs in Las Vegas, but he is "afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the United States."

"The business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States," Wynn said.

But things won't improve, Wynn said, until Obama is out of the White House. "Until he's gone, everybody's going to be sitting on their thumbs," Wynn said. 

Thankfully the same cannot be said about Governor Scott Walker. Business owners and companies are realizing this.   What Walker and his administration have accomplished in a few short months is amazing.  Walker has created a culture of common sense, fiscal responsibility,  and optimism that has been lacking in our state for the last eight years.  He has brought Wisconsin back from the brink of disaster.   Look for more great things to come.

....Wisconsin IS open for business! 

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