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U.S. unemployment rises to 9.2%

So much for all those "shovel-ready" jobs created by spending billions of tax dollars to fund those Generational Theft Acts - more commonly referred to as  "stimulus bills."  (Thanks, Obama!)  Guess we could say that the rhetoric coming out of the White House regarding jobs and the economy is what is really "shovel-ready!"

In the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel today (7/9/11) the headline on the front page reads:  "U.S. Unemployment rises to 9.2% - Job growth meager in May, nonexistent in June."    After reading the entire lengthy article, guess what was missing?  One name:  Obama. 

Now imagine if national unemployment, rather than improving, was getting worse - as it is -  and Bush was President.  Our nation is now at 9.2% unemployment with no end in sight.   Think the press would have not mentioned President Bush in such an article?    Be honest.  You know that they would have - and not just once, but repeatedly - pointing the finger of blame directly at Bush for the situation.  Yet, Obama once again gets a free pass. 

Even though Presidents themselves cannot create jobs out of thin air across the United States, the policies and legislation they help craft CAN and DOES contribute to the jobs and economic outlook in the country.  Right now, the policies coming out of the Obama White House have had a very detrimental effect on jobs.  From The New York Post (6/3/11) by Charles Gasparino: 

"Both small-business owners, and analysts who cover these companies tell me that many American businesses would like to stay here, but they see no letup in sight in the endless stream of taxes and regulations coming from an administration most of them consider anti-business.

...And those problems have only been compounded now: ObamaCare's on track to add serious costs; the administration may yet give us some crazy energy plan; the president's reaffirmed his desire to reverse the Bush-era tax rates, which would amount to one of the largest tax-hikes in history."

What is really disheartening is an article that appears later in the Journal/Sentinel (main section/pg. 4A) from the Associated Press:  "Jobs report a goad to debt talks - unemployment up as deadline creeps nearer."  Seems President Obama is using the recent dismal job report - with unemployment at 9.2% - to "prod Congress toward a swift agreement on deficits and the national debt."   And we know what that means - the Democrats want to raise taxes and fight any spending reductions.  The House Democratic Caucus chairman, John Larson of Connecticut, even stated:  "You can't cut your way to prosperity."  Oh really?  Do the Dems and Obama really think one can "spend their way to prosperity?"  by continuing on the same destructive path that the Democratic Party has lived by:  raising taxes and spending money the country doesn't have?

Remember years ago when then-President Bill Clinton borrowed Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson's W-2 Welfare Reform Plan?  Maybe President Obama needs to borrow current Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget plan.  After all,  Walker finally has put Wisconsin back on track for becoming fiscally sound and prosperous.  Isn't' that what the politicians at the national level should be aspiring to do?

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